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Without any ado at all: here’s your comment of the week!

‘The Falcon & Guzzwanker’ are a ‘Morning Zoo’-style radio team. What ‘Morning Zoo’ means in the Shoeverse is anybody’s guess.” –Horn O’Plenty, on Twitter

And here are your runners up! Very funny.

“Precinct is a funny word. Try it. Precinct. Precinct, precinct, precinct. See? I daresay it’s the funniest part of this strip.” –Proteus454

“A 3 month time jump and two people directly involved in an event that would certainly involve multiple criminal cases and civil lawsuits are living in Alaska, presumably far, far from the scene. Sam must be a much better lawyer than we thought.” –UncleJeff

“Finally, Ces’s master plan is revealed: He’s going to turn Judge Parker into a grittier, more realistic remake of Moose and Molly. It has always bugged the hell out of him that Moose Miller is not an actual moose.” –Peanut Gallery

“Looks like someone’s getting his penis hot-glued to his thigh while he sleeps!” –Steve S

“Uh, Vic, when you make copies of money you should get color copies.” –Liam

“And with control of the newspaper comes control of the NATION! Stop laughing, guys, I’m serious.” –Chyron HR

“The fire ants have not only developed trebuchets, but they understand the danger enemy air supremacy poses.” –Voshkod

“Interesting choice for Wilbur to channel Darth Vader. ‘If you came with me, we could explore the world together as blogger and mom.’” –Mr. Bunn

“I like how Wilbur is pitching this as a fun voyage of exploration instead of what it actually is: a miserable global search for survivors of tragedy. C’mon, Iris, don’t you want to be able to learn the phrase for ‘Sorry for your loss but can you please speak into the mic’ in a dozen different languages?” –pugfuggly

“I’ve never realized this before, but Charterstone is apparently a gated community. I’m certainly glad that its fixed-income retirees, food-service workers, and mid-level university and newspaper employees are safe from having their belongings stolen by the criminal underworld that surely infests this idyllic beach town. (Oh, but P.S.: The drug addicts are on the inside!)” –BigTed

“I never thought it’d be Mark Trail that’d fill the Mythbusters-shaped hole in my life, but I’m not going to look a gift horse shown exploding from multiple angles in the mouth.” –Truckosaurus

“OK, so in this bird-society that practices the death penalty, what exactly is this ‘electric chair’? A Kenny Rogers Roaster?” –Dood

“I know I could have just said I put a camera here, but I’m the insufferable type. So really, it’s a delayed-action camera. I use a Leica M-series rangefinder, and recently I upgraded to a Leica Monochrom M because I like the shutter speed. I like a good lens and something to indicate depth of field — hey, wait, where are you guys going??” –Chareth Cutestory

“Hoping that boat explodes too. In fact, hoping Mark Trail becomes a never-ending roll of amusing onomatopoeic transport-splosions. ‘Hey, Abbey’s hovercraft!’ BLOOOSH ‘Hey, Abbey’s zeppelin!’ WHAAANG ‘Hey, Abbey’s ekranoplan!’ KLAAAAM” –Schroduck

“It comforts me slightly to know that Crankshaft will be made wretched by the inexorable march of progress until the day death takes him.” –TheDiva

“He may have ripped out the back or his coat, but I’m glad he can still wear his belt of big toes. Wear it with pride, Snuffy.” –greenantler

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