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GUYS! Uh, did you know that last week was a big schedule-disrupting travel holiday? That’s why I didn’t post a comment of the week post this past Friday, sorry, I’m sure your comments were all very good, but I’m declaring a COTW-Picking Amnesty and giving handsome Harry Backstayge an extra week.

Speaking of things I’m behing on, I’m still finalizing the line-up for this month’s installment of The Internet Read Aloud, but I can guarantee this: it’ll be good, and in Los Angeles on Friday at 8 pm. You should come!

And I also must give thanks to everyone who put some scratch in my tip jar or backed me on Patreon! And let’s give thanks to our advertisers:

  • Bluebeards Original is proud to join The Comics Curmudgeon as an advertiser! Company owner Paul Kaniewski is a longtime follower of this site, to the point that it inspired him to created the famed Aldo Kelrast MySpace profile. Bluebeards has been making top-rated beard care products for ten years now, so any bearded folks or those that love them, please check out the site and try their stuff.
  • Two Party Opera: A daily comic that features the Presidents of the United States as they live on the stage of history with the day-to-day news of political mudslinging.
  • And if you haven’t bought my novel yet, you should! You can get it in hardback, paperback, or ebook forms. It’s called The Enthusiast, and it’s about trains, comics, stealth marketing, capitalism, and joy.

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