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Hello! Let’s get your weekend started right with a comment of the week!

“Of course there’s a ham sandwich … [grin] … Before you ask, there’s no bread, and the meat doesn’t come from a pig. [GRIN] Oh, my bug-eye stare and creepy grin? I … uh … made this expression as a kid and my face really did freeze like this. [GRIN] Want to see the back room where I keep the meat grinder? GRINNN” –Hogenmogen

Some runners up will keep the good times rolling!

“‘Toucans and hornbills are not related‘ is the most dramatic and shocking plot twist in Mark Trail for years.” –Applemask

Where is his hand? Where is his hand?” –Liam

Toucan bills are surprisingly light. I’m not saying you should go out hunting toucans by the dozens, removing their bills with a large serrated knife, and carrying the bills around in a burlap sack stained with toucan blood. But, if you did, it shouldn’t cause you any knee or lower back problems.” –Joe Blevins

“They’re saying that the only IUD their HMO would cover was a complete POS, so really all your birthdays are involved.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Only one thing could be more interesting than Mark’s criminal record resulting from the time he punched an entire water-themed amusement park and that’s Doc’s eyes in panel one. That man is high as a kite and yet somehow it’s Cherry who’s the paranoid one here.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“Of course there is no ham sandwich! I am giving away paper napkins, salt and black pepper, all of which are worth more than gold! My business model is insanity!” –Zootyr

“Stripped to its bare essentials, the art in this strip consists entirely of hostage videos.” –Lawyerbob

Hi and Thirsty just commuted in from 1958.” –Rusty

Shoe celebrates the evil of monopoly power. With the only restaurant in Treetops, Roz doesn’t even try. Just hands the Perfesser a can of alphabet soup. Want it opened? That’s another buck.” –Downpuppy

“I don’t know what’s worse — that Mr. Wilson would tell his 5-year-old neighbor about his serious medical problems, or that he doesn’t have any other living friends left to talk to.” –BigTed

Australian Phantom stamps, eh? Might be worth adding to the collection. I’ve got the Canadian Garbage Ape series and just scored the new limited edition Luann series recently put out by ISIS.” –Mikey

“A scathing indictment of teenagers who text in full sentences with proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Drag them, Young and Marshall!” –Chareth Cutestory

“I’m trying to decide if the 1920s tennis racket in Alexander’s room means the artist is really out of touch with modern youth culture or really in touch with modern ironic youth culture. Is Alexander a hipster? Does he have a penny-farthing downstairs?” –Dr. Dread

“Que sera sera/ Might be where a bear might be/ No evidence from Johnny/ Que sera sera” –Dan

“Roaming the earth from Antarctica to Brazil and from all outward appearances the only thing Wilbur’s accomplished is learning how to center justify his email messages. Some journalist!” –GDBenz

“I’m guessing Slylock had a bet with his partner on whether the rabbit would steal one of the sausages. Max I guess failed to notice what Master of Observation, Slylock Fox, did: the rabbit brought his own roll.” –Kevin On Earth

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