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Hey guys! It’s the first Friday of the month, so don’t forget: If you’re in LA, I strongly urge you to come see me and these other funny people perform, at 8 pm, at the Clubhouse in Los Feliz!

If you are a fan of my humor sensibility from this site, I think you will really like this show — it’s always a good time, it’s in a fun, intimate space, and, shockingly for central LA, parking is free and plentiful. Literally what do you have to lose? Nothing, that’s what! I hope to see you there — here’s the Facebook event, if those are helpful to you!

And now: your comment of the week!

“Actually I laughed at this. But then it gets sad when you realize she’s trying to slowly kill a dog with trans fats.” –Mikey

And your hilarious runners up!

“The plugger bear-man seems to be totally wedged in by furniture. How does he plan to get out of that chair? [reflective pause] Ohhhhhhh. That’s sad.” –Joe Blevins

“Plugger lives are bereft of wonder but full of crippling joint pain.”–Steve S

“The idea that her only point of reference regarding anything is her acid reflux is as amazing as it is pathetic, and I think both of those are what this strip aspires to on a daily basis.” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“I like a good gallows joke as much as the next executioner but I’m more intrigued by the guy on the left. He’s got a corncob pipe which means this is at least the 16th century and Vikings like Hagar and Lucky Eddie are five hundred years out of date. Being an anachronism is apparently a capital offense, which is going to make Renaissance fairs a lot more interesting.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

Life begins at forty — 1940s. That’s when the TVA brought running water and electricity to that village, starting what humanitarian organisations call life, barely.” –Ettorre

“Interesting that this should run on Equal Pay Day, motherhood being the source of women’s greatest unpaid labor. It’s definitely murder those kids want, and on the cheap.” –pastordan

“A true plugger remembers when a ‘Milky Way cake’ was just buying two Twinkies and sticking a Milky Way bar between them before you went to see about that diabetes diagnosis.”–Voshkod

“Billy’s dead, Mommy! You promised us cupcakes, ‘member?” –Ruth McIlhenny Gormé, on Facebook

“Scenes like this remind me why I started drinking to bluff my way through social gatherings.” –Rusty

“Looks like Sarah has as much interest in trying to keep track of the characters in this strip as I do.” –But What Do I Know?

“The accusatory finger that guy is pointing as he says ‘You’re our historian emeritus’ makes me think the next step in this gathering may be the historian emeritus’s ritual death by burning.” –Anonymous

“You know, considering she’s never depicted doing anything but sitting around on the couch and almost getting Sarah killed the one time she attempted to take her to school, June sure seems to need an awful lot of help. Guess those mojitos won’t make themselves!” –Aphthakid

“Which stranger can I dupe into helping out with my airport kidnapping plans? I know! This fit, well-groomed man of action! Sure, he looks like he’s survived numerous boat explosions and knows how to use his fists, but he doesn’t seem too bright.” –Call me Dirty

“They are so ecstatic about the luggage that even ‘Never, dear friend!’ is an anticlimactic punchline today. Oh, Mary Worth doesn’t do punchlines? Have I been reading it wrong all these years?” –Hogenmogen

‘Vap!’ is possibly the most Dutch-sounding sound effect I’ve ever seen in print. Looking forward to more examples over the course of this storyline, such as ‘Smajk!’ and ‘Plaap!'” –Pozzo

“‘Oh, good, the train is on time!’ ‘All hail Mussolini!'” –Christine Lehman, on Facebook

See this here? Now do as I say or I’ll shoot my nuts off!” –Tom the Sailor Man

‘Does Cane ring a bell?’ ‘Yeah! But why that name?’ [whispers] ‘I was the first murderer’” –Dan

“As a person who spends lots of time unconscious I am an expert on how they can help us.” –Liam

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