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Hey y’all, I would like to remind everyone about the posting and discussion policies for this site, which all boil down to “Don’t be an insufferable prick.” One of the key ways to not be an insufferable prick is to not leave prejudiced comments that are inevitably attacks on your fellow members of this community, who include all kinds of people! The specific kind of comments I’m going to call out at the moment, because I’ve been seeing a weird uptick of them, are those where trans people are the butt of the joke for being trans. Don’t do it! I hate it, and you’ve got trans people you’ve been joking around with all this time even if you don’t know it, and while I don’t always keep track of comments on a moment-by-moment basis, I rule the site with a genial iron fist and reserve the right to ban and block at whim. So be cool, as 99.9% of you are! We know return to our regular programming.