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And with that unpleasantness out of the way, it’s time for your comment of the week!

“Whoever had ‘Hornt-up Henry Mitchell’ in the ‘Weird-Ass Things 2017 Has Brought Us’ pool, congrats, come get your winnings, you shot for the moon and it paid off.” –Dan

And for your runners up! Extremely hilarious

“Oh, I get it! The ‘reindeer’ have revolted, forcing Santa to pull his own sleigh, which means Christmas will be late! And they’re snails, because … it’s slow… [checks notes] No, nevermind, false alarm.” –pugfuggly

An old lady, a middle-aged lady, and bad literary puns — this strip may seem outdated, but it knows how to appeal to the demographic that still remembers what a ‘bookstore’ is.” –BigTed

“Who can forget those beloved Snail Christmas classics ‘Oh Little Shell of Bethlehem,’ ‘Do Your Olfactory Tentacles Sense What My Olfactory Tentacles Sense,’ and ‘O Come O Come, Keep Coming, Any Day Now, We’re Still Waiting, Just Get Here When You Can Emmanuel.’” –TheDiva

“Why, why does the highly-improbable accomplishment always have to involve writing? Just for a change, how about one of these characters fiddles around with some kind of Junior Scientist kit and wins a Nobel in chemistry?” –Poteet

His wrist wizard has saved our lives many times. Sure, we could just use smart phones like every single other police agency in the country, but where’s the excuse to crack skulls for Diet if we did that? Has Tim Cook ever asked us to rough up a suspect? Did Bill Gates ever ask us to plant drugs on a defendant? Where would our fun come from if we just bought our tech from the lowest responsible bidder on a general services agency contract?” –Where’s Rocky?

” –fatherdog, on Twitter

“Consider, if you will, a world in which ‘Clown will soon retire’ is news warranting a front-page screaming-huge-font headline. I see two possible scenarios. Either this is a world in which absolutely nothing of interest ever happens. Or, it is a world of horror, in which the Clowns rule with an iron fist clenched firmly around the red nose of the populace and we are witnessing the Politburo unseating its General Secretary. Though it may not make the news, this story will soon be followed up by Wilhelm’s execution by firing squad (via guns that ‘shoot’ BANG! signs of course).” –Dmsilev

“‘World’s Oldest Clown‘ is probably on no one’s list of life aspirations.” –Pozzo

“You see, it’s windy and… [eyes drift upward]” –Kevin On Earth

“It’s worthwhile studying Jeff’s face in panel one. His wife has just walked in the room, smiling broadly and announcing, ‘Guess what?’ Those words could presage almost anything, but does Jeff allow himself to be optimistic for even a few seconds? He does not. He knows, deep down, that there is a 99% chance Pam’s news will be about her awful, hateful father. In a few seconds, he’ll be required to say something like, ‘Oh, did he? How’d that happen?’ Jeff’s look in panel one is the look of a man who knows he is not even the main character in his own life.” –Joe Blevins

“I’m left wondering how the ‘Moon Governor‘ is elected. How gerrymandered is the Moon? Does one win by focusing electoral efforts on the near side or the far side? Does antenna size matter? How does one do an outside campaign rally without any oxygen?” –Voshkod

“Mr Ermine, I know I’m an alien to your Earthworld, and largely ignorant of your Earth ways and means, but don’t you Earthers need to open your mouth to drink coffee?” –Charles Nelson,Really!

“DAY-DRINKING DIAMOND-DEALER: My, my, my… where did you find those? Just lying around Africa, I suppose?
DIRTY: Don’t ask — don’t tell!
RACCOONTAILBEARD: That has always been my policy!
DIRTY: You literally JUST asked me where I got them.
LEX LUTHOR IN CONFUSING COSPLAY: I did not, I tell you!” –T Campbell

“This crew of old people all live in a convalescent home, although it’s been retconned into assisted living. I suppose they all enjoy a communal bath each morning, with the assistance of nurse’s aides.” –Rusty

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