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Hello, all! As is my wont, I am departing tomorrow for my annual Christmastime journey and not updating the site till I get back. Look for new comics somewhere around the 2nd of January, or thereabouts? VERY excited to recap the developments in The Last Temptation of Ian Cameron!

ALSO, do not forget that January 4th is the first Friday of the month, and you know what that means … it means the Internet Read Aloud, the live comedy show I host, is happening in Los Angeles! We have a stellar lineup, so you really should come!

Here’s the Facebook event!

And now here is your comment of the weeks, which as ever shall be your comment of the next several weeks, until I come back and start recording comments again:

You two need to spice things up. Have you considered getting a cat? It worked wonders for Jeff and me. He saw the cat and left, and then I got rid of the cat, and then he came back. The magic has returned!” –The Mighty Untrained FOOZLE

And the hilarious runners up!

“I think we all know what Mark means by the Jacuzzi of Despair, as he walks away from it once again.” –Little Blue Bicycle

“The saddest part of this is that Beetle’s bed undoubtedly sucks. There’s no way that thing is comfortable.” –Joe Blevins

“Toby, most people throw their old socks out eventually.” –Rosstifer

BECKY HAD SOME REALLY GREAT STUFF TODAY! [sniffs, wipes teeth] ALSO A MASK.” –pugfuggly

“‘And how’s Ian?’ ‘Ian who? Sorry, but like I said, I’ve just had all my thoughts cleared.’” –Peanut Gallery

“I, for one am glad the Gil Thorp creative team is finally going to address the #1 problem facing high school athletes today: Introversion.” –Wasabi Jane

“Pam? Ed? You guys already have a tree. It’s right there in the window. You already decorated it. You don’t need more trees.” –jroggs

At the end of the day, we share our lives. I tell him how many anonymous sexual encounters I had, he tells me how many doctoral students he scared away from academia through sexual harassment. It is a relationship based on honesty.” –Ettorre

“He really should’ve ordered a fake tree from Shamazon. That would’ve fulfilled the strip’s holy trifecta: 1) Fake brands 2) Abysmal puns 3) Crankshaft being a dick” –Pozzo

“No, no guys. Ian and Toby’s love life needs REFRESHMENT. Literally. Muffin sex. Muffins and those indistinguishable beige blobs that Mary serves at dinner parties. You didn’t think anyone was eating them, did you? Ian’s probably fantasizing about salmon loaf as we speak.” –Drummergurl

“Oh NO! Now we’ll have to write a thank-you note. And our maid’s gotten married, so we’ll have to do it! ” –Bill Peschel

“At what level of tenure at this university do you get bookcases and maybe a 5th book?” –Foodar

“How about for Christmas George gets a shirt with a slightly wider neck. No reason. Just … maybe consider it.” –Dan

“Why can’t Ian just take the damn compliment? Does the ghost of William Shakespeare haunt this strip, the way Santa haunts Family Circus? Is Ian afraid that Shakespeare’s ghost will pop out while he’s banging this bright-eyed coed and shriek, ‘TIS I WHO HATH ALLOWED THEE TO MAKE THE BEAST WITH TWO BACKS! ME! NOT THOU! ME!’” –Jenna

“I love how Dustin’s dad’s already opening up his laptop. By god, whoever runs that airline’s Twitter feed is going to have to hear every sordid detail of the feces situation.” –Schroduck

“I’m sorry, but if a stranger sits down next to me on an airplane and starts talking about ‘unspoken covenants,’ I’m calling the sky marshal. I’ll get an empty seat next to me, and he’ll get to travel the rest of the way to Phoenix Sky Harbor in that disgusting bathroom. Win win!” –Voshkod

Most students never provide feedback! They’re more concerned with studying the material and actually trying to learn something from the class. I’m glad you’ve figured out the real path to a good grade!” –JJ48

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