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Why, it’s time for the week’s top comment, everybody!

“I’ve never seen an email chain before where both sides sound like spam.” –Noel

It’s also time for the very funny runners up!

“Spidey: ‘We’re Marvel superheroes who should be on the same side! Wanna fight each other for no good reason?’ Luke Cage [checks the box-office tally for Captain America: Civil War]: ‘Sure!’” –BigTed

“Spidey just invited Luke Cage to … step on his hand, apparently. Not his remote control hand, of course. I mean, super strength and invulnerability, sure, but why risk it?” –Artist formerly known as Ben

Lesson 2: This is my town! Mediocre is always good enough, in Milford!” –seismic-2

“‘And what a looker!’ I am not in favor of this modern hepcat slang creeping into our language and corrupting our youth. What next? Estelle smoking a marijuana reefer cigarette? It’s sure to follow.” –Just John

“Years later when the adult Marvin has to shell out good money to pay women to stare at him while he takes a shit, I doubt he’ll thank his mother for instigating this expensive fetish.” –nescio

“I’m not saying Canada is a minor country, but doesn’t their Prime Minister have something to do other than answering his own phone and watching the Canadian flag livestream on his giant TV all day?” –Schroduck

“As far as sexual innuendos go, ‘Whip the purple man‘ is, uh … well, it certainly paints a picture.” –pugfuggly

“Well, nice of you to give MJ 33% of the credit, even though she did 99% percent of the work while you two were mind-controlled and/or useless. I’m having flashbacks to high school group projects” –TheDiva

“The Ghost Who Flies First Class: ‘We got here on this wonderful thing called a passenger airplane. Imagine that. Something that can go faster than a ship and further than a helicopter.’” –Liam

“Everyone knows we use the Yahoo address for our activities we don’t want other people to know about. If he’s really into you, Estelle, hold out for Gmail.” –Old School Allie Cat

“It seems that the algorithm that has been writing Shoe for years is sick about getting no recognition and so it has started to express passive aggressive comments about meat-bags.” –Ettore

“I’m kinda touched that this murderer/dom called the other person ‘jerk,’ like that’s the meanest name he could come up with, or like he’s okay with murder/intense sexual roleplay but swearing? C’mon, show some class.” –Jenna

A gym teacher and a basketball coach, eh? Clearly, this was the work of nerds. As a safety precaution, we’d better tear gas the comic book convention.” –Joe Blevins

“If I saw the first panel from across a crowded coffee shop, I’d think this was two men sharing horror stories about the pain of chronic constipation, with one either asking for a bribe or showing some left-hand guitar fingerings.” –Handsome Harry Backstayge, Idol of a Million Other Women

“Jeff’s wearing his one blue suit, but have we EVER seen Jenny dolled up like this before? Upswept hair, (very!) little black dress, earrings. She’s not dressing for dinner at the type of place where the coffee cups are on the table throughout the meal and a couple who have to live with her parents can afford a steak the size of a dinner plate. I think she won’t stop talking about Marvin so Jeff won’t get any ideas, because she’s clearly going out on her REAL date after they go home and he passes out.” –Sally

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