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Comment of the week? Comment … of the week!

“Sure, the rhythm is important — like my Pappy used to say, ‘KA-WHACK before WHACK, that gator’ll be back’ — but it’s all just wasted effort without a hearty ‘Get out of here!’” –Handsome Harry Backstayge, Idol of a Million Other Women

Runners up? Also very funny!

“It’s kind of weird that Wilbur brought up his Matrix fandom as a way of proving he’s young and hip. He could have mentioned a popular movie that’s in theaters now — say, Joker — although the idea of a sad middle-aged loser who’s driven crazy by his anger at the world might hit just a little too close to home. Then there’s Doctor Sleep, about a sad middle-aged loser who’s driven crazy by… on second thought, maybe they should discuss music instead. I bet Garth Brooks is a favorite of both Wilbur and Zak’s dad!” –BigTed

“Is Zak an android? All he does during these trying situations is to smile. Is this how he manages his company? ‘You’re fired! [with big grin]’” –Government Cheese

“People reading the strip now weren’t around to read those WWII strips, so we are free to place Snuffy’s military service in any era we choose, ignoring the fact that for most of the strip’s history Snuffy has been shown fighting in armed conflict against agents of the US Government, especially the Treasury Department.” –seismic-2

“Dennis, get out of there and let the poor man enjoy his box of electric picture frames in peace.” –Peanut Gallery

“Visually, the saddest thing about today’s strip is Wilbur’s disheveled combover, which he had spent so much time meticulously styling before he started fortifying himself with ‘liquid courage.’ In a way, the combover is symbolic of Wilbur himself: At its worst, it looks terrible; at its best, it’s not going to impress any ladies in the least; and in the final analysis, it’s probably best to keep it covered up as much as possible.” –Guy Lumbago

I think the Howells are about to be tried in a far higher court than ours. King Triton is a vindictive mofo, I’m trying to say, and I hear he still holds a grudge about how Ariel was treated by the humans shortly after the credits rolled.” –Ubiquitous Bob

“You know what’s really sad? Estelle will forever associate Zak and Iris as ‘Wilbur’s friends,’ while Zak and Iris will classify Estelle as ‘Wilbur’s girlfriend’. You have a source of suffering in common! It is a sound foundation of solidarity and brotherhood!” –Ettorre

Which animal has the shortest lifespan? Whichever one makes the mistake of getting picked up for a drunk-and-disorderly in the upper east side of the Forest Kingdom. You can tell by the look on the cop’s face that this bear will be having a tragic mishap while ‘resisting arrest.’” –jroggs

“Estelle has spicy diarrhea, which made her think of Wilbur. It’s a little unfair to compare the two, because the decision that lead to the former would have been at least briefly enjoyable.” –Rosstifer

“Nothing makes a plugger wife unhappier than to know her husband is happy. Nothing makes a plugger husband happier than to know his wife is unhappy. The Circle of Life, Plugger Style!” –Only Here For The Ads

Mary Worth could have put an Elder sign on that door. They could have used the Yellow Sign, and had the door open to grim Carcosa, where the King in Yellow awaits brooding. They could have revealed Wilbur’s true form, a shoggoth wearing human clothes. They could have given up Mary’s great secret, that she is ageless in mind and form, that she has been and always will be, that she advised pharaohs and darkling gods. But no. They’re just going to give us some old woman’s anxiety dream. Thanks for nothing.” –Voshkod

This works better if you imagine it as the start to a very specific cuck fantasy.” –Rube

“I like that Estelle’s unconscious mind assumes that Wilbur reproduces parthenogenetically, like some kind of big dorky amoeba. I mean, it’s plausible.” –pugfuggly

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