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What’s that, you say? Another in a continuing series of Josh’s beloved live comedy show, The Internet Read Aloud, is happening THIS VERY POST-HALLOWEEN EVE, TONIGHT? Yes, a thousand times yes!

Here’s the Facebook event! We’re gonna be talking about male Insta Inspo, game dev drama, how the Holocaust stacks up against popular tourist destinations, and more!

And now: your comment … of the week!

“‘YESSS!!!’ Dagwood screams, lunging forward as Dithers inadvertently stands himself in the exact right spot at the window, directly above the food truck’s open sunroof. A few minutes later, Dagwood will be biting into a sandwich of the forbidden meat, the one meat those pesky regulations had stopped him from eating, as the office staff start wondering where their boss has gone.” –Schroduck

And your very funny runners up!

“It looks like some charitable organization dropped off a few used toys for the kids who get locked out of the house while Daddy watches his program. The one standing in the middle of the lawn with a skateboard is going to be quite delighted if he ever figures out what it’s really used for.” –Handsome Harry Backstayge, Idol of a Million Other Women

“I see Jeffy’s the only one concerned enough about his health to bother wearing a woolen hat on this brisk autumn day. No seasonal head colds for him. God, can you imagine having a head cold with a noggin that size?” –Joe Blevins

“The lack of an Oxford comma is the plugger-specific content.” –Mark Jackson

“Maybe we’re finished with the section on how pluggers are different from us, and are now considering the ways they are alike and face the same problems. I don’t know how to feel about moving on without noting the very important difference that they are actually bears, dogs, chickens, kangaroos, and so on. Maybe they’re saving that for a third section, on how these different varieties coexist and reproduce? You will have to watch out for that! I’ll be reading anything else.” –pachoo

“‘I can’t imagine what she thinks when she compares me to him.’ Due to a weird angle in the drawing, it looks like Wilbur is smiling in real life, but frowning in the reflection. I like to think that Wilbur is feigning confidence and optimism — ‘how could he compare to me, a man of experience and refined taste!’ — but his subconscious is like, ‘I can’t imagine what she thinks when comparing us because if I actually thought about it I would lose the last fragment of my will to live.’” –Ettorre

“Every time Wilbur refers to Zak it’s ‘stud‘ or ‘boytoy’ or something else explicitly sexual, which at first I thought was a deliberate attempt to be hurtful towards Iris, but now we see he’s still doing it privately in his own thoughts. It’s the ‘not sure if you should feel contempt or pity for this guy but I suppose you can do both’ Wilbur Weston sweet spot.” –Dan

“She knows the routine. Every day, as soon as she walks in the door, he feeds her a spoonful of the magical potion that makes her forget everything she saw in the outside world. Pomeranians, Halloween costumes, husbands who aren’t assholes… everything. And he’s safe again, until tomorrow.” –Peanut Gallery

Potato chips, peanut butter, The MacAllan 12: yep, the bachelor math checks out.” –pastordan

“I’m not exactly sure why Mr. Wilson’s Dennis cosplay horrified me so much this morning. Maybe it’s Mr. Wilson’s weird obsession with the neighbor boy. Maybe I’m still groggy from sleep. Or maybe it’s because it comes right out and says that Dennis never changes his clothes, everyone knows it, and no one dares talk about it.” –Larry McAwful

“So … we’re not going to see Chance punching Chet’s bearded face like a high school Mark Trail? Then what’s the point?” –TheDiva

“Chance refers to his emotional outbursts as ‘Mr. Blowtop’ while the wind BLOWS through the hair on TOP of their heads. That’s … that’s not how symbolism or allusion works. That’s not how any of this works.” –Brad

“I like how the middle lady is checking her phone in the last panel. The BFF contract is not just some turn of phrase, it’s something that these three hammered out with a lawyer before cementing their friendship. They keep a PDF version on their phones just to refer to every time there is request for transactional kindness. ‘A pick up at the airport? Let’s see… 16 BFF § 5p clearly states that this is valid on weekends and holidays but that weeknight requests are to be abrought to the council…’” –pugfuggly

“‘You should try this new cereal.’ ‘I guess so. It’s kind of weird that I got an empty bowl and brought it over to the table otherwise.’” –jroggs

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