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It’s your comment of the week, everyone! Go ahead and enjoy — you’ve earned it!

“Looking forward to ten years from now, when none of us will remember a time that the strip was not called [small, perfunctory lettering] Rex Morgan and [large colorful logotype] GOOD OL’ AUNT TILDY.” –Old Man Muffaroo

Your runners up are also a warm bath of funny that you should let yourself luxuriate in:

“If there’s one thing this nurse and doctor can’t stand, it’s having uncomfortable conversations.” –BigTed

“A Woman, politely: ‘This is fun!’ Mason: ‘Actually, we’re here for business!’ Mason: [does something bizarre] A Woman, politely: ‘That’s how Mason does business.’ Mason: ‘Actually, it’s also fun!’” –Aaron

I just wanted to see them before … you know … before the Morgan genes kick in at puberty and turn them into stunning but emotionless robots.” –pugfuggly

“Characters in Mary Worth must always share laughs. They are rare in that world, rare and fleeting. Taking a whole one for yourself would be the ultimate act of greed.” –Everything Is Better with Monkeys

“Looks like Crankshaft will have to give Keesterman a swirly or two until he remembers who it is makes the terrible wordplay around here.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Of course Cayla is not jealous that her husband had sex with another woman decades before they were married. She just recoils in horror every time she thinks about Les having sex. Even with her. Especially with her. This makes her the most relatable character.” –Ettorre

“Women be shopping, and men be … dying slowly of chronic diseases, I guess.” –TheDiva

“What I like about the characters in Snuffy Smith is their overwhelming enthusiasm for just about everything. I can’t remember what my reaction was when I first learned about direct deposit, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to yell, ‘Handy-dandy!!’” –Joe Blevins

“But seriously, folks: the pissier Rex gets, the more I love the strip. May his house be ever filled with pets and old people.” –The Mighty Untrained FOOZLE

“In a world of birds, I would think newspapers are prized. After all, you need a lot of newsprint to line the floor of your house, because you birds have cloacae and can’t really regulate your excretion. Yeah, that’s right. For all the times we’ve seen the Perfessor [sic] in his chair, you have to assume he’s sitting on a pile of crap so huge that the United States could claim it under the Guano Islands Act.” –Voshkod

“Almost 67 years ago, on March 1, 1953, Charles Schultz published a Peanuts comic about how Kids Today had never seen a rocking chair. Just in case you wondered if Dennis the Menace was keeping up with the times.” –matt w

“‘Marcell Irby controls the glass.’ OK, so maybe it’s not the greatest super-power ever, but at least maybe it will enable him to enclose his enemies in a terrarium of some sort, and it certainly beats ‘Peter Parker controls the sofa.’” –seismic-2

“I barely noticed Marvin in today’s Marvin. More of this, please.” –nescio

“This is pretty funny. Leather rules? Imagine making anything out of a material that can’t stand being constantly soiled! What kind of life would someone have, do you think, to be able to enjoy something like that? [sobs gently]” –pachoo

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