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Hey y’all: it’s your comment … of … the WEEK!

“If we do have to accept a more narrow First Amendment in the future, I propose a ban on topical references in the funny papers. It’s disgusting to me that the Bumsteads don’t still have a candlestick telephone.” –Tim Cavanaugh, on Twitter

And your very funny runners up!

“Turns out, employing a whole office full of people to draw up fictitious contracts with funny names has been ruled a ‘non-essential business.’ I don’t like it any more than you do, Dithers.” –Peanut Gallery

“The sole concession Blondie and Cora will make to the Pandemic is to wear flats instead of heels. Keep it tight, ladies!” –lorne

“Do you suppose comic strip characters are as weirded out by real-world celebrities visiting their strip as we are? Does seeing the unnatural level of detail and precision trigger their Uncanny Valley revulsion?” –TheDiva

Dawn … do you still feel like I do? With your skin? Or has being in New York changed you into a C.H.U.D., blind and desensitized, querulously sniffing the air for the scent of meat?” –Voshkod

“I love how the doctors in the background serve to highlight that no one wants to eat lunch with Jared, including and especially when he looks sad.” –Jenna

“Don’t count Ed out — he’s only made a pun on the ‘over’ part so far. He’s holding ‘head’ and ‘bin’ in reserve.” –Pozzo

The dog got top billing over Mason; it’s that little extra knife-twist of indignity you don’t get anywhere but Funky Winkerbean.” –Dan

“Look at Les’s disapproving expression: ‘What, you sacrificed your artistic integrity AND passed up an opportunity to get a deadly disease to draw inspiration from? For shame, Mason, for shame.’” –pugfuggly

“I’m confused. Is ‘the lack of universal healthcare will ensure a steady supply of movies with funny animals‘ an endorsement or a condemnation of neoliberalism?” –Ettorre

“Thank goodness. His parents are probably frantically searching the silverware drawer, looking for the missing butter knife. ‘We can’t just have seven complete settings! We just can’t!’” –nescio

“You know what’s sad about this? Warren conveys the joke — he started speaking at an extremely young age — perfectly well in panel one. There’s no need for him to say anything else. But then, in panel two, he panics and adds gratuitous explanation. You sold out, Warren.” –Joe Blevins

Between Friends is actually a lockdown strip; these characters haven’t been sober in WEEKS.” –Rosstifer

“The charitable explanation is that Mason set up these out-of-reach meetings deliberately to puncture Les’s ego and grandeur, so that he will be ready for the inevitable pivot to Hallmark and Lifetime.” –Tom T.

Are you thinking of me? Are you thinking of Hugo? Are you envisioning my shaggy, paleolithic head staring blankly at you from a cloud bank? Are you picturing my head on Hugo’s body, speaking in French about how Endor is a moon and not a planet? Are you secretly some sort succubus who specifically feeds on the love from nerd and Frenchman alike? Are you human? Or are you dancer? Jesus, these eighteen hour shifts are killing me. I … I need to get some sleep.” –Mighty Sean Young

“It was very clever of Dawn to store pictures of Jared in the cloud.” –Weaselboy

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