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Faithful readers, it’s time again for the Comics Curmudgeon Summer Fundraiser!

This has been just an awful year for a lot of us, cut off from work, friends and family, and normal routines. If Josh and the Comics Curmudgeon have helped lighten your days — and you’re not financially strapped — I hope you’ll consider supporting the site in whatever way works best for you.

There are so many ways to contribute, it’s nuts:

  • By credit card or PayPal — Click the banner at the top of the page, then follow the instructions on the secure PayPal site. You don’t need a PayPal account to use this option, just a major credit card.
  • By mail — Email; I’ll reply with an address for your generous check, money order, or in-kind contribution.
  • As a Comics Curmudgeon Supporter — Join the ranks of Comics Curmudgeon Supporters for just $3 per month, and enjoy an ad-free online and mobile experience, plus an enhanced comment editor. Full details are here.

  • “Hey, it’s the thing!
  • Through a Patreon sponsorship — If you’d prefer to support all of Josh’s artistic/comedic efforts on a recurring basis, visit his Patreon page for complete details of this option.
  • New! By Venmo — I don’t know what this is, but I’ll bet you do! Venmo (is that a verb?) Josh some green at @jfruhlinger!

Full details, terms, and conditions are here.

The banners at the top of the page are selected automatically on a randomized basis. If you’d prefer to browse a directory rather than hit-or-miss by refreshing the page, you can find one here, along with a ridiculous number of banners from past fundraisers.

And as always, thank you, generous readers!

— Uncle Lumpy