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“We are discounting the possibility that Mary’s ‘vegetables’ were just real roots of some remnant plants long dead in the gardens around her condo, and that Drew was just too polite to call her out on it. But that opens the possibility that the ‘roast lamb’ could also have been some available horrifying remnant, such as Saul’s dachshund.” –McManx

Please also enjoy these delightful runners up!

This whole strip is a wonderful cavalcade of dopey facial expressions and gestures but for my money the best is Rex in that final panel. ‘Like ice cream?’ he says, holding up his hands like a fisherman telling a story. ‘I only know it by the shape of the box. It is incompatible with my Soylent diet…’” –pugfuggly

This strip is very upsetting to me because I’d always thought of Joey as a character with no inner life whatsoever and no outstanding personality traits to speak of. He exists only to be a sidekick/accomplice to Dennis Mitchell. He’s a blank slate. His shirt literally has a big zero on it. Now, suddenly, Joey can’t sleep? Does this mean he has thoughts that keep him awake at night? Is he tortured by guilt over what he and Dennis have done over the decades?” –Joe Blevins

Joey is five so if anyone asks him how old he is he says, ‘Time? I have transcended time. I swim in the infinite.’” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Leafblowers are the worst, most annoying thing to listen to, and I hate it every time my neighbors use one for simple tasks that could be accomplished by a rake or a broom. Seriously, who needs to blow the sidewalk? Anyway, these hellish devices cause so much disturbance and discomfort that I’m surprised that an established misanthrope like Crankshaft only owns one.” –Larry McAwful

Mason has had Lisa’s body exhumed and discovered that it’s miraculously preserved! He’s already filed the paperwork with the Vatican and the lengthy process of canonisation is underway. The nominated second miracle is that time two women fought over Les.” –Truckosaurus

“Of course Jeff doesn’t understand romantic relationships. He hasn’t been in one for years.” –Inspector Gotcha

“You can’t post the same thing on all social media platforms — it must fit the style of the medium! First, you post the original video on Instagram, where it becomes a huge success. Then you remix the original video with some popular music for TikTok. Some months later, the video is uploaded to Facebook, for the joy of grandparents. Finally, it gets to Twitter, in the form of a 45-tweet thread on how videos are problematic (‘Turning entertainment into capitalistic consumption’), zoos are problematic (‘They educate children to accept carceral institutions for the sake of the inmates’), children are problematic (‘reproduction is offensive to people who don’t do sex too often’), and polar bears are problematic (‘not only are they white, but they culturally appropriated fur from brown and black bears!’)” –Ettorre

“‘Didn’t you go through something SIMILAR?’ says Mary as she sinks the needle into Drew’s neck. ‘It seems we’ll have to continue THE TREATMENTS until we can break this cycle of self-sabotage!’” –ArtOfWargames, on Twitter

“Mommy and Daddy don’t worry about keeping the kids away from the edge at the Grand Canyon. They know Dead Grandpa will be there to catch them when they fall. At least, that’s the reasoning their lawyers will present in court when arguing for an insanity verdict.” –GeoGreg

“Based on their expressions, Dennis knows this is BS and Gina knows this is BS, but still they must go through this farce for their comic overlords. ‘Are you amused?!?’ their dying souls cry out.” –Tabby Lavalamp

“I’m marveling at Grimm’s look of defeat and disappointment at the total lack of professionalism on the part of the veterinary staff. So intense is his feeling that’s it’s overcome the otherwise overwhelmingly horrific pain and madness of rabies itself. I mean, look at this poor dog! He knows he’s done for, he knows it’s his fault, and all he wants is the solace and comfort that is the lethal dose of barbiturates that can only be gotten from the very people fleeing him in panic.” –Effluvius Erratus

“There’s an impressive amount of patriarchy to unpack in just two panels of Beetle Bailey, but let’s start with the vacuum cleaner drawn based on a vague description by the artist’s secretary.” –Francisco Arrowroot

“Just promise me, Les. Promise me… that you won’t bury me in Ohio.” –jroggs

Changing the aspect ratio for every shot is a bold visual choice. I hope they’re being more conservative with the audio mix, though, and optimizing it for airline headphones.” –Flipper

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