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Folks, it’s your top comment … of the week!

“I have to admit, when I got to Panel 3 (otherwise known as the ‘She said she’ll report me to school management’ verse of Toby’s Lament), I was pretty skeptical. ‘No,’ thought I, ‘there’s no way Helen Moss said something like that. I call foul!’ But when I got to the second to last panel … wow. Egg on my face, let me tell you.” –els

And your runners up! Very funny!

“That looks like an oversized magic wand. Rene is upset because he’s gonna have to watch this guy practice his extremely amateur magic act as they drive around for HOURS.” –Windier E. Megatons, on Twitter

“All Toby has to do to avoid that outcome is get some witness testimony from her students. ‘No, her treatment of Cal isn’t special, she kind of praises everyone.’ Of course, this could lead to a new set of problems as the school asks whether or not she’s a competent teacher, but it’s better to be fired for poor performance than sexual misconduct.” –Tom

“I assume the Rex Morgan, M.D. team is trying to cover up the fact that in 1949 they had actual medical drama, because I know the target audience can’t read the tiny print in that embedded strip any better than I can.” –matt w

“Super disappointed the case didn’t pivot on Slick Smitty going without socks.” –ambignostic, on Twitter

“Here is the context: The bird woman in the act of regurgitating her food to feed her young has realized there is so, so much more to life. Just wait until she goes home and tells her bird husband she’s enrolling in courses at the local community college and that he is going to have to start puking to feed their children. It’s going to be messy in so many ways.” –Joe Momma

“Snuffy may complain all he wants about local infrastructure, but guess who will be the first to have a shotgun in hand when the IRS comes collecting for the new mill levy to fix County Road 12?” –TheDiva

“The owl is not enjoying this! At the time of the Animal Revolution he sent so many humans to the guillotine, but these are the days of Thermidor and crimes and punishment are low stakes. Sometimes even winning the revolution is no fun!” –Ettorre

“Now I get it. That’s a VR bench. I figured those women just allowed him to walk out the door hoping he’d walk into traffic.” –Hibbleton

“I can only assume that ‘finish’ in this context means ‘eat.’”–pugfuggly

“‘We’ve got Flauberto Pert pitching to Chudd Ravel, and we like York Trawber and Whin Juggs too. Orrel Carver, Gammy Gamoo and Reeb Hull in the outfield. Mut Rozzle at third, Flim Patrick at potato and Urgle Hurberly yon flongle…’ It wasn’t until Gil got to shortstop that anyone realized he was having a stroke.” –Truckosaurus

“‘So I’ll be … okay?’ is the response you’d expect from someone who’s been told their cancer is in remission or other chronic illness is, in fact, treatable, not a simple arm injury that probably resulted from too much working out. Clearly there’s a complex and disturbing backstory here but Rex isn’t interested in that. That would mean dealing with emotions.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

Gil Thorp Writer: ‘Dallas George. What a name. Strong, masculine, as American as baseball itself. I oughta insert major American cities in character names more often. Hmm, is the very next panel too soon?’” –jenna

“A nightmare indeed. ‘Toby and Cal sittin’ in a tree’ doesn’t scan at all! ‘Cal and Toby’ fits perfectly, you awful students!” –Lawyerbob

“Pretty sure that’s actually Drew padding out the numbers on the far right of Toby’s dream sequence. Not sure what that’s about. Honestly, shocked as anyone to learn there’s multiple layers going on in Toby’s dream, or indeed anything to do with Toby in any way.” –Dan

“It’s the smug look that really sells it here. ‘Yup, saving lots of money at my house, like real God-fearing Americans. Just sitting in the dark … saving money.’” –pastordan

“Rex’s latest patient is an aspiring MMA fighter, so if you’ve always wanted to see what the crowd at a UFC octagon match would have looked like in 1953 you may be in for a treat.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“No! No, I am still not interested in watching anime! I’ve already told the Millennials and now I’m telling you, Moy and Brigman!” –made of wince

“Do the other sports pretty much coach themselves until they are played at a location Gil or his wife have to physically cross to get to the sports they care about?” –Kevin On Earth

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