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As things get hotter and humider, the comments of the week continue and get funnier!

“A much worse possibility is that there is no Count Weirdly, just an endless series of barely-functional robots designed to massage the egos of animals roleplaying at being police in some terrible anthropomorphic Westworld. The nose and skin are all wrong, but that’s fine, they’re not meant to be accurate, just a mockery of an increasingly hazy memory of mankind that the animals can lord over with their knowledge of basic trivia. ‘I · HAVE · AN · ALIBI · I · WAS · SEEING · THE · PENGUINS · AT · THE · NORTH · POLE’ says Weirdly #217 as Slylock smirks and adjusts his tie.” –Dan

Your runners up are very funny as well!

Today’s Dustin is just the rough draft of a Cathy.”–Lee Sherman

“I really hope Jared is suffering, because I kind of get the feeling that furiously masturbating whilst crying and thinking about hurt women might be his shtick.” –Hunterwali

“It would have been better if Dawn’s head had been in that thought bubble in the last panel. Or, even better, Queen Amidala.” –Joe Blevins

“Wearing outmoded hats? Hiding in dark caves underground for weeks at a time? Flashing alt-right hand gestures? Clearly Weirdly’s robot replicas are the ‘incels’ of the future (since he did not think to give them genitalia).” –Sir Oracle

Zits is much better than Dustin at depicting young people, but we can all agree that Jeremy losing his virginity while cosplaying is too much realism!” –Ettorre

“I invented the Prince Valiant haircut, you know. A 12 pack, scissors, a bowl, and the rest is history” –made of wince

“It’s funny because that is not a man who is having a little nap at work, it’s someone who has injected some powerful opioids. I guess we all celebrate America’s victory in the space race differently.” –pugfuggly

“Dagwood is perched on his desk as his co-workers gather round. ‘I’m at the foot of the ladder. The LM footpads are only depressed in the surface about one or two inches, although the surface appears to be very, very fine grained, as you get close to it. It’s almost like a powder,’ he intones, and the crowd murmurs in admiration. ‘Okay. I’m going to step off the LM now.’ He steps from the desk to the chair. The crowd hushes, holding its collective breath. ‘Houston, that’s one small…’ The chair swivels. Dagwood falls, slamming his head on the desk as he goes down to the lunar dust he and his colleagues can almost imagine, his coma deep and lasting. Someone screams. The crowds scatters before Dithers can arrive. Dagwood’s limbs twitch. Soon someone is sending around an e-mail that starts with ‘[f]ate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace…’” –Voshkod

“Y’all really don’t see it? I guess my ‘Actually-Dithers-killed-Dagwood-but-the-censors-didn’t-approve-it-so-here’s-some-hastily-rewritten-shit-about-the-moon-landing-or-whatever’ internal senses are keener than others.” –2+2=7

“I’ve never really thought about vampires wearing glasses before, but something about it seems off. Like does he also have an inhaler?” –Violet

“Watch out, Mary! Cathy, Santa Royale’s up and coming, youthful, no nonsense, straight talking yenta is coming after you. Dispensing advice and eating salads, she cares for the mental well being and lower GI of the next generation!” –Baja Gaijin

“Or maybe he fell out of love with you because the ‘Lettuce go out to eat’ joke isn’t as funny as you think.” –made of wince

“I get that the new Gil Thorp writer has been asked to ‘sex up’ the comic a bit, but did we really need to see Gil grinning at a giant butt plug?” –Schroduck

Dude in a Lowes (or maybe Ace Hardware?) vest selling Home Depot store-brand tools at what looks like an abandoned cell phone store? That tracks.” –Old School Allie Cat

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