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As you digest your turkey, please enjoy this comment of the week:

“‘I didn’t think you needed a prescription to get ibuprofen.’ ‘Look, who’s the fake doctor here? Do you have scrubs you got at a post-Halloween costume sale? No. Now shut up while I write you another script for an ice pack.’” –Truckosaurus

And the very funny runners up!

“The future, DustinDad, is sweatpants.” –random driveby commenter

“What the hell is up with Buck in the next to last panel? ‘Hmm, I guess that’s good news. I need to tell Truck what’s up, [thought bubble] and warn him that the poison didn’t work.’” –Hibbleton

“Well, I’ve done nothing, my work here is done.” –TheDiva

“No, Billy, you will not be going to market today, for the red star is a symbol of the glorious Communist revolution that is now upon us! (You’re going to re-education camp. Take your jacket. There will be no recess.)” –pastordan

“‘*Sigh* I’ve been expecting you’ is the Funkyverse’s version of ‘Norm!!!’” –taig

“Is an insult or a compliment if someone calls you ‘a very funny man‘ but it’s literally in the context of a fairy tale?” –Joe Blevins

“If you don’t have a neck and there’s no differentiation between your head and your body, just a round hairy cone tapering steadily out from scalp to gut, and your chin is growing from your breast bone, and without clothes to disguise it your naked body is revealed as an unholy abomination, you’re probably a plugger.” –Schroduck

“The unsung hero colorist on Dick Tracy almost certainly got editorial instruction like ‘his face is darkly colored from the MRI accident’ and had to pick just the right color to avoid an Incident.” –Dan

“I’m skeptical that pluggers ever quickly realize anything.” –nescio

“They didn’t steal your car. You just did a hospital procedure without insurance (crime pays but does not have job benefits) so instead of charging you and passing your debt to a collection agency, the hospital decided to cut out the middleman and simply take your car.” –Ettorre

“In janitor-man’s time everybody makes terrible jokes and is allowed only two expressions: smug and bored. He’s here at ground zero to kill that future in its cradle.” –gormadoc

“As usual, there’s a lot to unpack in this strip, but what confuses me is the big bold NOVEMBER in the first panel. This is a daily strip, right? Is it … just there to remind their readership what month it is? Do they think that the people who enjoy their work are also the types to forget what time of year it is? Harsh, man.” –pugfuggly

Grampa gives a hearty chuckle. ‘Yes, loathsome little beast, isn’t he? I keep telling them better late than never when it comes to, er, family planning, but you know how young people are these days. No gumption!’” –Violet

“Look at the bright side, Fitch. At least you’re apparently drinking during the day in a well lit bar.” –Tabby Lavalamp

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