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Folks! Your comment of the week in a moment, but first: If you’re in LA on January 13, you can get some more laffs from me, live and in person! That’s because my live comedy show, The Internet Read Aloud, is coming back on a new day (the second Friday of the month) and a new time (8:30 pm) but the same place (The Clubhouse in Los Feliz) and the same shtick (jokes about the Internet). Here’s the Facebook event!

And now, as promised: youuuurrrrr comment of the week!

“I feel like this one is so outdated that it’s almost come back around to relevant: just imagine a teen scrolling through Facebook with a sick fascination, seeing endless Minion ‘memes’, rants about the service at the local Bed Bath and Beyond, grainy screenshots of posts on more popular platforms. It would be like going down a rabbit hole, in the sense of it being a metaphor for opium intoxication.” –pugfuggly

And your very funny runners up!

“If Chekhov’s Ex there doesn’t ruin the wedding in some capacity (ceremony preferable, reception acceptable, honeymoon a dark horse possibility we shouldn’t sleep on) I’m going to be extremely disappointed in a creative team that has invested a lot of effort in establishing ‘ruins everything’ as Wilbur’s Whole Deal.” –Dan

I wish it was me getting married to Tommy! Instead of Iris, Tommy’s mother, getting married to Tommy. That is what’s happening here, right?” –Peanut Gallery

“Whatever the food was like, it’s hard to run a restaurant in a building that’s 9 feet tall and 12 feet wide, with no door. ‘No wonder they went out of business!’ says Dennis, who has far more economic savvy than his dad.” –BigTed

“The scent is ‘dangerous’ because it’s actually a bottle of gravy (and we are still in the ‘festive’ season so…)” –2+2=7

“Dennis isn’t commenting about the menu at Organic Vegetarian Cuisine but the SEO-unfriendly business name. Searching for that store on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or UberEats brings up 4.5 million results — discouraging local organic vegetarians from finding or following what might have otherwise become their favorite eatery.” –KrisTM

This is a trick test Rex prepared, based on Blade Runner. If June ignores Harold and keeps walking, she can still be his wife.” –Ettore_Costa, on Twitter

“If you thought June Morgan couldn’t get any more boring, wait until you read the thoughts even she thinks are too dull to speak aloud.” –jroggs

“Yeah, that was before I figured none of you dopes can read.” –Hibbleton

“The ‘Loose Ball!’ speech in panel two appears to be coming directly from the blue shorts, as if the guy has an alarm for when a testicle slips out of a jock strap.” –nescio

I looove critters, especially this one. You think its face looks weird? You should try drinking its ‘milk.’ It will make you see things you wouldn’t believe. Anyway, you wanna help me apply its mascara?” –made of wince

“‘Out of the way, Junior!’ ‘Dad! What are you doing here?’”–Little Blue Bicycle

Since everyone now looked the same, there was no more prejudice, no more directed ridicule. They still had human nature, and within a few years, a distinct yet subtle difference was discovered. War followed, and the planet burned to cinders. Dead.” –Little Guy

“I think Gil is admitting he set fire to his playbook. ‘Delaware Wing T?!? Seriously, what the fuck?!?’ he says as he watches the pages burn down to ashes.” –taig

“Love Mother Goose’s shocked reaction in the second panel, even though she initiated this whole conversation. ‘Whoa, man, I can’t believe you don’t have positive opinions about your ex! You’re insane!’” –ectojazzmage

“Remember when Sarge made a mistake and then died? Good times.” –Victor Von

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