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If it’s the end of the week, it must be time for the comment … of the week.

“Hey Slylock: did you know that reptiles also don’t sweat? Or have opposable thumbs? Or attend jewelry trade shows at hotels, generally? So maybe take it easy on the zoology-based evidence.” –pugfuggly

And time for the hilarious runners up!

“Picturing an arc of electricity instantly killing the kids right where they stand as Billy slices through a buried utility cable.” –Godless Communist Orc, on Twitter

“We live in a nation divided on the controversial subject of whether or not oculosexual couples should be allowed to marry, but it’s important to remember they suffer from the same major problem in bed as facinormative couples: premature ejaculation.” –jroggs

“The Keene kids obviously believe that dinosaurs bones and Egyptian sarcophagi would be found together in American soil because they’ve been taught they existed in the same time frame.” –But What Do I Know?

“Let me break it to you gently, Saul. You see this dog food dish labeled ‘Greta’? Well, that’s ironic, because…” –seismic-2

Oh no, Gil wants us to go phone shopping with him. He says he hasn’t seen a rotary landline in 30 years and needs our help.” –Colonial

“Listen, I’m not here to judge. If that croc wants to look beautiful for just a few minutes, far from the prying eyes of their typical basking site, well, it’s internalized mammalist body standards, but what is that to you and me?” –I’m Not Cthulhu, But I Play Him On TV

Hello? Front desk? A crocodile is about to leave with no pants on. He’s a reptile pervert! Intercept him before he gets to the lobby! Also, he’s a jewelry thief, I guess.” –Chance

“If I had to guess which comic strip character would be signing up for EST in order to transform their ability to experience living so that the situations they had been trying to change or had been putting up with clear up just in the process of life itself, Mr. Wilson would be far down on my list.” –Weaselboy

“I’m getting a real Game of Thrones vibe from this situation. It’s what happens when you see a character being menaced by violence, but you realize the greater danger is from the gross diseases that occur when someone doesn’t change their clothes or bathe for eight months at a time.” –BigTed

“I don’t think a city in southern California is an unlikely place for evil to infiltrate at all, actually. Really, it’d be stranger if it didn’t.” –Noel

“‘A little juvie never killed anyone’ — meanwhile, in the next panel, the other player appears to have gotten a tear drop tattoo from her time in the slammer.” –Philip

“One proscribed form of heresy was to depict Noah’s Ark as smaller than that its biblical proportions — the idea being that a small ark leads to a lot of ‘How did all the animals fit?’ scepticism. Given that this ark is so small that the camel has apparently died of overcrowding, I imagine the Hagar team will be getting their excommunication letters from the Vatican any day now.” –Schroduck

“The theological implications that Noah was just some doorknob who put animals on a boat while everyone else got about their lives after maybe their basements flooded after a particularly heavy rain are pretty heavy for a joke-a-day comic strip.” –Tabby Lavalamp

“Finally some good news about pluggers: ‘If it bleeds, we can kill it!’” –Ettorre

“Pluggers worry when they nick themselves shaving because any open wound might mean wearing a neck cone for two weeks.”–nescio

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