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Pardon My Planet, 9/24/23

Man, I have to say that I wildly misinterpreted this comic at first, thinking this dude was doing some kind of corporate PowerPoint-type presentation trying to sell his girlfriend on different restaurants. “But Josh,” you’re thinking, “that’s dumb, why would they already have the table set in that case? Why would the pictures be on these roller shades?” I dunno man, it’s Pardon My Planet. It’s full-on madness! Remember the afterlife run by cows? I’m not putting anything past these freaks! Anyway, that would’ve been wacky, whereas this is just depressing. Look at how dissapointed she looks, Jesus.

Beetle Bailey, 9/24/23

Otto is a contradiction: a beast who thinks like a human, but who lacks the physical capacity to do what humans do. Beetle, on the other hand, is a human who leans in to his base and bestial nature, wanting nothing to do with any of the gains we’ve made since standing upright. Together, they will forge a strange friendship.