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No fuss, no muss, just the first COTW of September:

“If he won’t get down on his knee for the proposal, he won’t be getting down there for the honeymoon either, Eve.” –Old School Allie Cat

And your runners up! Very funny!

“This is incredible. They found a way to make a strip about golf even more boring than just having the characters play golf: Having them sit and talk about when they played golf!” –Amelie Wikström

“No wonder nobody talks to Thirsty about his drinking problem. He’s absolutely insufferable sober.” –Tabby Lavalamp

“Look at Max Mouse, he’s eating a stolen cookie and nobody says a thing. Don’t tell me he had any money in his goofy little mouse-pants. HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE POCKETS!” –astroboy

“Of course Silas Stork still has Warren Weasel’s scent — that’s who carried baby Warren to his family on the day of his ‘birth.’ I mean, ‘the stork brought him’ is as believable as anything else in this strip, and is certainly less frightening than the concept of animal-human hybrids being conceived the normal way.” –BigTed

Garbage wars usually start small. Right now, they’re probably just talking trash.” –Pozzo

A Cancer, if you will. You know, a crabby personality, hates small talk, really drags a locker room down. Honestly, I wanted to trade him for a Virgo, but the boss was being a total Taurus about it.” –Philip

“I’m not gonna say that Blondie and Dagwood are definitely in trouble, but if my spouse became obsessed with a show that was all about divorce, I’d have more follow-up questions than Blondie seems to have here.” –T Campbell

“[barges into son’s room while he’s playing] [calls him a friendless loser] [refuses to elaborate] [leaves]” –ectojazzmage

“‘Joke’ aside, I’m fascinated by that tiny book that Cookie is holding, which not only presupposes a canine publishing industry, but also a wide variety of publishing formats specifically tailored to different breeds.” –pugfuggly

“Doug runs a motel that has branded itself as a holy site for roots country pilgrims, so it’s only natural that when a genre superstar offers to autograph an indefinite amount of memorabilia for him to sell or display that Doug responds with wariness and irritation. If it wasn’t clear, by the way, Doug is intended to be a sympathetic character.” –jroggs

El Tigre here. Everything’s looking kosher for the kamikaze mission. If he didn’t get our RSVP, we’ll have schadenfreude. Capisce?” –Banana Jr. 6000

“Alice, you might want to back off a little? You are … way too close to your guest and her inadequate cup of coffee. If you’re trying to block her view of the matted-and-framed Oreo cookie you’ve got on the wall — I mean, I get it, that’s a pretty weird piece of art, but refusing to make eye contact with this woman while simultaneously getting close enough to her to let her motorboat you is an unorthodox way to hold a kaffeeklatsch, I’m just saying.” –els

“Well, if it were me I’d choose some enormous, delicious fish I’d never gotten the chance to eat in my entire short life up to then. Just really go out on an unbelievable high note. But we don’t sell miracle meals for trout here. I bet you’re real glad you asked.” –made of wince

“Four hours and one sledgehammering later, Coach Luke is being hauled off by the real cops. ‘They left me no choice! They labelled the Giganotosaurus carolinii as Tyrannosaurus rex despite the obvious differences in skull morphology! Paleontology is my true passion! Paleontology and coaching! My two true passions! Paleontology and coaching and raging! My three true passions! Paleontology and coaching and rage and unjustified revenge!’” –Voshkod

“I don’t normally want hear any of Dustin’s dad’s opinions, but I admit I do want to hear why he thinks you sit side-on to your computer facing it at a 90 degree angle.” –Schroduck

“‘That’s very interesting, sir. By the way, I got crop-dusted in Menards last night.’ ‘Uh, really?’ ‘Oh, sorry! I thought we were doing Elaborate Set-ups for Stories that Go Nowhere!’” –I’m Not Cthulhu, But I Play Him On TV

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