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Your top comment of the week is here … right now!

Nosy the Riveter” –Windier E. Megatons, on Bluesky

And your hilarious runners up!

“Nice of the Judge to perform the ceremony on the steps due to the restraining order preventing Mary from entering Town Hall.” –Hibbleton

“Mary is wiping her tears with a hand ripped off a much smaller person and which she is brandishing by the severed forearm.” –lynn

“Mary thinking ‘I wish the dogs could be here’ may be her funniest line ever. Remember Madi, Saul’s grouchy zoomer great-niece(?) who bonded with Mary over their love of terrible 1970s recipes? Saul’s actual family? Mary doesn’t!” –Schroduck

“God, I really hope that Renee walked all the way over there with his finger in pointing position and continues the rest of this storyline with it deployed.” –pugfuggly

“Whether enhanced or diminished by her supercilious smirk and ‘why, I oughta…!’ body language I can’t quite say, but Mary is rocking the hell out of that head scarf. I’ll do a kerchief occasionally myself, but she’s arranged it just so, and it’s one thing in this panel that unquestionably works. If I stock up on the right kind of scarves—versatile patterns and of course some reliable solids—I could be looking at a well-nigh infallible bad-hair-day solution. What a grand day to be alive. Thank you, Mary. [whispers brokenly] Thank you.” –Violet

“‘Soldier buys cross-stitch home-sweet-home at a flea market because his parents abandoned him’ … is Beetle Bailey buying jokes from Tom Waits?” –I’m Not Cthulhu, But I Play Him On TV

“Gloria knew that eventually, Pavel might figure out that the two-week luxury yacht charter and the matching Prada shoe and handbag sets were not ‘necessary’ business expenses and she would have to pay, quite possibly with her life. But it was worth the gamble — after all, if Pavel were anything like the wealthy elites of Cavelton, he was very stupid indeed.” –TheDiva

“‘Dustin’s dad dies’ has the potential to be the best Dustin strip ever, possibly eclipsed only by ‘Dustin dies.’” –Brad D. Sibbersen

“In Lily Tomlin’s one-woman show, The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, the businesswoman character wears ‘something around the neck that looks sort of like a tie and sort of like a ruffle and sort of like a scarf and doesn’t threaten anyone because you don’t look good in it,’ and anyway, I just figured out Mary Worth’s backstory.” –matt w

“Elmo, not only is that not an alibi, in lawspeak we call it an admission.” –Bobby+Sneakers

“Clouds, check. Pearly Gates, check. St. Peter with a large book, check. Podium with a stoplight, che … wait, what?” –Weaselboy

“I like that one guy has chosen to sit in line, rather than stand. Because this process is probably going to take a long time! Besides, he could have died of knee weakness, for all we know. He’s dead. Let the poor guy be comfortable.” –made of wince

“Thel has a thousand-yard stare. It is bad enough to be the Family Circus mom, she does not look forward to the Marvification of the strip.” –Ettorre

They’ll care for him until his parents are found. And the authorities are in a better position to monitor his incredibly rapid growth. His head is almost as big as we are now! By tomorrow, we’ll need a high-chair twenty feet tall to contain him! Even now, top scientists — I said top scientists, bear — are working on a one hundred foot tall play pen at a facility in the New Mexico desert. They can raise him there, indoctrinate him in vital national values and, when he finally turns eighteen and can join the military, America alone will have the Ten Mile Tall Man! Russia will tremble before us! China will fear his thunderous footsteps! Detroit will rename name 8 Mile Road in his honor! Fear to our foes and respect from our friends and you, bear, you will be there to witness the ultimate triumph of the United States under the shadow of this child, this future savior of the American Way! Also, the Feds will probably want to take you as well. I mean, after all, you’re a talking bear, and that’s not nothing.” –Voshkod

“Is this meant to be setting up as a problem that Rex Morgan, MD can solve? Aside from Buzzy having some brutal pins and needles when he comes out of that trunk, I’m not seeing it.” –MKay

“The uncanny foreground hands are making their move to take over the strip! Soon it will be all hands, all the time! I hope they at least know how to do a bunny rabbit.” –Peanut Gallery

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