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It’s weekend party time, so get “crunk” with this week’s top comment:

“An erudite bear (not so vicious)/ Mistakenly used ‘meretricious’/ For you see, those who snore/ That he knew, were all whores/ But it’s ok because he’s fictitious.” –Marcus Theory

The runners up are also VERY funny, please savor them like a fine wine:

“I want to thank the creative team behind this comic strip for offering insights into the collapse of the French war effort in 1940. A military that concerns itself with cacti helps explain why the Maginot Line proved so ineffective and why Gens. Gamelin and Weygand stumbled so badly. ‘I see the Nazis are starting to build up their forces but, hey, that pine tree just got laid.’” –KMD

Head for the nearest planet! Fortunately, the planets in this particular region of space are all conveniently clustered together like billiard balls. Unfortunately, that means we only have a short time to enjoy our stay on one before they all start colliding with each other like billiard balls.” –Peanut Gallery

“The visual setup in Crock is exactly the same as when depicting one character transforming into another. Perhaps the cook is the eternally boiling chicken, the instigator of his own torment, himself the damned punisher and the punished. Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it? The answer, of course, is no.” –Chance

“My favorite kind of Hi and Lois: Lois realizes that she’s trapped, trapped, TRAPPED.” –matt w

“I’ve never believed the whole ‘Millennials can’t afford houses because they waste all their money on takeout coffee and food delivery’ thing, but given that these vampires can’t afford furniture or even a second chair, maybe they have a point.” –Schroduck

“It’s kinda funny that the Perfesser’s date just whipped out one of her models right there at the table, but then again maybe this was her plan all along. ‘Say, have you ever wanted to own your very own set of quality Cretaceous-era dinosaur figures? They called them terrible lizards, but what’s truly terrible is paying too much for fine theropod collectibles. Why, with just five payments of $29.99, you’ll get…’” –pugfuggly

“Sometimes it’s not about the jokes, it’s about letting the reader know they are seen. Rather than the faux-populism of Pluggers celebrating the downwardly mobile direction of America’s working class, Hi and Lois lets the reader know they understand and will not offer false hope or try to fake some silver lining. Irma is every one of us who woke up, realized it’s only Tuesday, and we have four days to slog through until the weekend. Whatever the health benefits of Lois’s newest fad tea are, it’s going to take our reliable old vice of coffee to get us through the Sisyphean task of work and social obligations this week. [sips from oversized mug] See all you tomorrow for some more Comics Curmudgeoning.” –Philip

“Jughaid is right to object to Mz. Prunelly. This is the dangerous woke new math that improves test scores by forbidding children to even look at the problems. Traditional educator grandparents of America to the ramparts!” –I’m Not Cthulhu, But I Play Him On TV

“‘That’s one thing I don’t know how to cure. The FDA will not authorize experiments for my planned ‘Lobotomy 3.0.’” –Ettorre

“I would get tired of constantly looking up everyone’s nostrils if I were a character in this comic strip, though I guess in fairness they all would be looking up mine too.” –Just John

“From the look on Joey’s face, he’s ‘counting piggies’ to make sure there are enough after he eats one.” –BigTed

“And then he told me I’d already used up my feral days for the year, and if I took one more he’d put me to sleep. It’d make me so mad if my balls weren’t in a dumpster behind the vet’s office.” –Voshkod

“The most menacing part of Dennis is how he and Joey are testing the boundaries of the box that keeps them from entering our dimension. A part of a foot … fingers pressing through the wall of separation … a hurricane on the other side of the world … We are not ready. We are not ready…” –Old Man Shadow

“This is actually the writers telegraphing that this isn’t a real bear, just an insane prostitute in a fur suit.” –ectojazzmage

Mention your line of work? You think I was proud of banging a square? These days I only have sex with revolutionaries. Occasionally a saxophone player. She was hoping her Dad was Gerry Mulligan.” –Ukulele Ike

“Somebody kidnaps you at gunpoint and shoves you in a car trunk, ehh, let it go. Somebody tries to drown you, yeah, I guess you can see how some people might be bothered by that. Absolutely the only thing that actually bothers people in this strip is not hearing their roots country when and how they want.” –Rube

“‘The new man assigned to the computer section isn’t working out, sir.’ ‘Why not?’ ‘He’s been running such CPU-intensive programs and diagnostics that he’s used up most of the fort’s whole monthly supply of kerosene.’” –seismic-2

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