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Folks! It’s Friday and here’s your COTW!

“Rex isn’t shocked; he’s incredulous. He thinks he can Barney Google his way out of having to appear in his eponymous strip, but the plot keeps finding him.” –Vice President John Adams

And your hilarious runners up!

“Anyone else alarmed by Mary’s ‘People have often praised it over the years’? I’m thinking the next line might be ‘The others are dead.’” –Ken

“Chip’s alleged teenager tendencies have always been a few decades behind, so it’s actually quite a bit refreshing to see that he’s become an Orioles bandwagoner.” –jroggs

“Anyway I like to think that ‘Be curious, not judgmental’ is telling Keith how to react to the tuna casserole.” –matt w

“You bastards. You had to remind me of one of my favorite candy bars that’s no longer available, at least in the United States. ‘Great dinner, honey! What’s for dessert? I sure could go for a delicious Oh Henry! bar right about now!’ [Glares at everyone in angry silence]” –Peanut Gallery

“How long can Mary stand on tip-toes to peer over Keith’s shoulder? This is where her exercise routine pays off.” –Midtown

“First Keith shows up looking like beefy Aldo. Now he’s doing Wilbur’s heretofore-unknown-adult-child plot. Is he just going to speedrun through being the whole of Mary Worth history, showing everyone at Charterstone what their lives could have been like if they’d just hit the gym a little? (Basically the same but Mary has a harder time dominating the panel.)” –Dan

“Actually, Loretta, for your information, I just infiltrated a high school by posing as a student like in 21 Jump Street. On a related note, it didn’t work, and I’d brace myself for the police that are about to knock our door down.” –ectojazzmage

I believe otherwise and, I can paint a fuller picture for you. Can I COME IN? Just help me with this full-sized easel, and this rolling cart filled with my oils and acrylics—here, you! Old lady! Carry this collection of brushes and don’t mash them—those are my expensive Japanese—okay, put the baking dish down first. What the hell is that, anyway? It smells like my cat’s canned tuna. Gak! Okay, set it up over by the window. Don’t you even have a northern exposure in this dump? Now, ‘Dad,’ you sit in the chair and fold your hands on your lap … tilt your head up just a little … turn your head a bit more to the left — there! Now, just hold that position while I paint a fulle picture for you. You can see by my canvas that I’ve already painted myself into this piece. It’s a family portrait and I call it ‘Fool Me Once.’” –Charterstoned

The problem with learning is that it never stops. Unlike, say, our teacher’s body, which appears to end at the bottom of the chalk board. Stupid school board cutbacks.” –I’m Not Cthulhu, But I Play Him On TV

I like your sense of humour! Puns so tame they go by almost unnoticed are really my jam. Speaking of jam, is it possible to make the food without any flavour whatsoever?” –pugfuggly

“I still have CDs and only got rid of my flip phone a couple of years ago — I’m lucky if I can get adults interested in talking to me.” –Pozzo

“Why has Susan’s face abruptly gone all gratified devious grinch in the final panel? Did the coworker’s story suggest some promising potential refinements to her plan to steal Halloween?” –Violet

“The murderer in Curtis shows up at the door: ‘I’ve got an Ice to Pikk with you! Wait, that didn’t sound right, let me try again. You’ve Pikked the wrong guy to have messed with! No … that’s not really that great, wait! I got it! You can Pikk your friends but you can’t Pikk your…’ [door slams in his face]” –The Rambling Otter

“Well, the good thing is they only have what, two or three outfits each? Packing all their clothes should take five minutes, maybe less.” –Jason1981

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