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Get into that holiday spirit with this season’s (week’s) top comment!

“You know if the creators needed a ‘medical issue’ for Rex to explore, they could have an arc where he examines the Schlubification Virus that’s apparently going around. Mud/Fergus seems to be it’s latest victim. He used be be a big boisterous bear of a man, and now look at him: slumped shoulders, weak chin, a hangdog expression and a partially damaged brain. Remember when Mud would have the cleverness to create outrageous schemes instead of shamelessly falling for them like a chump? Look at what the ravages of disease reduced him to!” –2+2=7

And your runners up are extremely jolly!

“Never mind the check, I wanna know what’s up with this grocery store where people line up perpendicular to the cash lanes. That is some freaky stuff.” –pugfuggly

“Hmm, Helen is the one being annoying and holding up the line, so how do I make it clear that the young person is actually the bad one? This is a five piercing minimum job.” –Schroduck

“Hahaha, Henry sure is mad at [squints] former Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key.” –Truckosaurus

“To anyone inclined to complain that there’s no menacing in this strip: What Dennis is pointedly sipping from that glass is the contents of Mr. Mitchell’s formerly mint condition 1992 bottle of Crystal Pepsi. Dennis is just waiting for his dad to finally take his eyes off the news long enough to notice.” –Peanut Gallery

“So is Rodney Rat Reeky’s more well-to-do brother? I’m guessing his success is relatively recent, because his dental work indicates he once shared Reeky’s meth habit.” –Pozzo

“I think was can all agree that in addition to being propaganda for the animal regime, Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids also serves as propaganda for our own Educational State. This is a sad attempt to sell children on the practicality of learning algebra as a useful skill, when they have a phone in their pocket many times more powerful than the computers that landed men on the moon.” –Philip

“‘I wonder whatever happened to Falcon Crest.’ ‘I dunno. And we’re birds. So you’d think we’d know.’” –Just John

“I never thought I’d find myself staring in slack-jawed wonder at someone holding a phone in a believable manner, but here we are. Agape. Gazing at a man-mountain as he gets snitty about his ex’s dinner party planning. Keith, you’re kind of a drip, but you’ve made a believer out of me.” –els

“The soda and burger are actually for the guy in the car; Beetle has a very skewed idea of what first aid entails.” –ectojazzmage

“Listen Keith, you missed twenty years of Thanksgivings full of awkwardness and political quarreling, so I am trying my best to cram all of them in as few sessions as possible.” –Ettorre

“This might be a Me Thing, but I always get a little unnerved when they actually draw Beetle Bailey wielding a rifle. I think it’s sort of a reminder that he’s spent the last 80 years being trained to kill.” –Dan McDermott, on Facebook

“As far as retirement plans go, telling bloodthirsty raiders about your hidden gold reserves is probably not in the top 10.” –jroggs

“And it gets worse … the old geezer says back in the 70s his boots were really muddy.” –Flipper

“Being part of the same Walker-Browne syndicate, I’m guessing that Hi & Lois, Beetle Bailey and Hagar all share the same interchangeable sound stages, sets, and back lots. Efficient? Sure! Imaginative? Nope!” –Daisy

“It’s too late! Prince Albert suffocated decades ago! PLUGGERS KILLED PRINCE ALBERT!!!” –nescio

“The fortune teller has a star and crescent on her tent, both classic symbols of Islam. Brave of Crock to wade into the question of whether divination is haram under Islam. While many do support the position of al-Ghazali that attempting to see the future interferes in the domain of Allah, we must not forget that other respected scholars view it as almost medicinal. Stay tuned to Crock for other deep dives into Islamic theory, colonialism, and bad art.” –Voshkod

“I’d say this particular installment is uncharacteristically bleak for Hi and Lois, which touches upon the grim occasionally but generally favors the corny. That the late Mrs. Wavering appears to be hopped up off her hatstand on goofballs adds a welcome note of levity, in my opinion.” –Violet

“[Ring!] ‘Walker Comics Inc.’ ‘This is Smedly and Smedly, attorneys. We represent the Keane Family. Our clients believe that you infringed on their copyrighted sappy dead grandparent meme today!’ ‘Not at all! You’ll note the absence of a dead spirit or angel, which protects us from legal violations.’ ‘Nonetheless you’re treading on thin ice. Make sure that Ditto walks straight home if you know what’s good for you. Good day.’” –Little Blue Bicycle

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