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No fuss no muss no guff … just this week’s comment of the week:

“It’s petty, but I can’t stand when Crock does just modern domestic comedy that could slide right into Blondie or, lets be honest, Marvin. Like, I’m sorry that nobody really remembers what the French Foreign Legion’s deal is/was but that is the high concept you have saddled yourself with and I am going to have to insist that you keep it at least broadly desert themed.” –BananaSam

And this week’s hilarious runners up!

“I didn’t get right away that the pets were smelling those objects so I laughed pretty hard at Barfy comparing that football to Billy. About the same size and shape as his head, plus a lot quieter. Probably an improvement!” –pugfuggly

“I like the jailer’s shovel tattoo. He doesn’t always like his job but he enjoys the gravedigging.” –Victor Von

“Oh no, a single unarmed constable! Whatever will these two hardened raiders do in the face of … hey, guys? You’re Vikings, remember? Guys? GUYS?!” –jroggs

“Love that menacing foreground fist in panel one! That’s a right hand, though, and the punch that’s actually thrown is from the left. Waste of a menacing fist, if you ask me.” –Twinkles the Elf

“It’s called ‘sploshing.’ Never say Mary Worth is behind the times.” –Gerry Quinn

“I myself was trapped in a middle seat between two sumo wrestlers once. It permanently damaged my shoulders and this is the only way I can hold a folder now.” –nescio

“If I also were in a fort in the Saharan desert holding an imaginary conversation with my mother about bowel movements in her nursing home on an old-school land line with no cord coming from the receiver, those would be exactly the facial expressions I’d use. Bravo Crock for showing the ravages of ongoing combat trauma!” –I’m Not Cthulhu, But I Play Him On TV

“A little Googling indicates that ‘Kid Inventors Day’ is a real thing, celebrated annually on January 17, Ben Franklin’s birthday. Blondie’s writers can’t get anything else about the modern world right, but I don’t think they’re ever wrong about offbeat holidays and observances. Their grandkids must give them a really great calendar every Christmas.” –Rube

“Dennis the Menace has Gabriel’s Horn, and he is announcing Judgment Day. While young, Margaret certainly should be nervous. Has she done enough to enter the kingdom of heaven? Is she ready? ARE YOU, reader?” –Batiuk’s Attic

“It’s a pity that they didn’t draw the flag in today’s courtroom scene in Snuffy Smith. I guess they wanted to prevent a sovcit argument about gold fringe, which is certainly the first argument Snuffy would go for.” –Voshkod

“It seems like it’d be kind of hurtful if your long-lost father’s main interest in you was to start banging your mom again?” –matt w

“By what witchcraft does Mary turn the ingredients off her recipe list — bachelor, marine, policeman, hero — into muffins?” –Hibbleton

“He doesn’t leave his room unless it’s for school? Have you tried disguising yourself as a school?” –Peanut Gallery

“Hi also had to move the couch to an entirely different location in the living room, further aggravating his back.” –taig

“I don’t think is solving any paternity tests; mostly it uses public records to connect people. But I suppose in a world where those piles of dog vomit Mary is pulling out of the oven are supposed to be appetizing, anything is possible.” –TheDiva

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