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The best part of waking up is learning what the top comment of the week was on josh reads dot com, the world famous comics curmudgeon blog:

“Once again, Shoe demonstrates how weird it is about the characters being birds. Imagine a realistically sized pigeon or whatever kinda bird this lady is supposed to be trying to use shampoo in a shower and owning a dog, an animal at least twice her size and a carnivore that absolutely eats birds.” –ectojazzmage

And chuckle along with these hilarious runners up as you linger over your morning coffee!

“Dennis senses that his parents’ conversation is really about something else, but this realization that language can be multivocal and opaque makes him long for Mr. Wilson’s frank and forthright loathing. The bitter wins of post-modernism strips the paint from his house, leaving faded patches.” –But What Do I Know?

“How can Heirs of Mort create a funny original image of a frazzled Killer but can no longer remember how big a single tooth is?” –Hobbes Fan

“BOOMER COMICS THEN: ‘I hate my wife!’ BOOMER COMICS NOW: ‘I hate my wifi!’” –Schroduck

Slim’s organs will be donated to Walt, keeping him alive for an improbable 30 more years, when the last daily newspaper somehow continues to publish in some quiet corner of Kansas.” –Philip

“You have to admit sometimes the old ways work. The dime aphorism is a lot pithier and punchier than ‘Here’s $1200. Go buy an iPhone and a subscription plan and call someone who cares.’” –Chance

“Did I miss the part where all the charges against Rene/Jimmy were dropped? Or is having to chat with Mud and friends a court ordered punishment?” –Maltmash3r

“The funny thing here is that Dogg-Mann remembers vaguely that he has some kind of athletic vendetta going on with Bear-Mann, but he’s forgotten what sport or teams it’s over. But Bear-Mann says he doesn’t care about the vendetta any more, probably because he’s forgotten the whole thing. So, pluggers are old and losing their memories #12,546! Ha ha, har!” –White Rabbit

“As an artist himself, Rene really should appreciate the talented orthopedic surgeon who treated him. Their work has really captured the essence of a man determined to walk upstairs but trapped lying on his back. Bravo!” –Stuart F

“This is a brave illustration of why you need to take the car keys away from aging parents — that plugger is coming to behind the wheel, somehow in the middle of a street fair.” –Quiggle

“Come here, Sonia, and take a look at this new throw pillow we got! The pattern is based on the visual hallucinations experienced by a plugger during a syncope. It’s from Crate and Barrel’s new ‘getting old in Virginia’ line of décor.” –Voshkod

“I used to be mildly attracted to Mark’s boss, but now he’s a little chipmunk man. What am I supposed to do with him, boop his little nose and feed him peanuts? Ehh, I guess that’s better than another lonesome weekend. Boop!” –made of wince

“Y’know, it’s been awhile since I’ve been properly enraged by a Six Chix, and hey, look at this: I am utterly enraged at this Six Chix. And it’s not just rage; I have moved into the still, limpid waters of visceral, unadulterated fury. No. No to all of this. If the pumpkin is no longer a carriage, why does it still have wheels? And why, if it’s gonna have wheels, does it only have two of them? Why is it still the size of a carriage? And if it’s a pumpkin now, why is Cinderella still wearing a crown?! Why did it rot, like, immediately?!? Why is the word ‘accidentally’ involved?!?! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO US” –els

“Urination is always going to be a divisive fetish, but you’re guaranteed to upset both sides when you constantly post about peeing on social media but never upload any videos.” –jroggs

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