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The Lockhorns, 2/20/21

I sincerely enjoy the presence of non-Lockhorn characters in the Lockhorns, who often seem to have somehow been drawn into Leroy and Loretta’s social orbit, where they never remain for long for obvious reasons. Take the dude standing next to Leroy here: that is a perfectly rendered facial expression for someone who’s just gone on his first outing with someone he thinks might be a new friend and has had a good time watching a movie, only to be hit with “You know who I hate? My wife.”

Shoe, 2/20/21

For all I snipe at the strip, you gotta give props to Shoe for having a consistent aesthetic tone, and that tone can best be described as “bone-deep weariness.” “Thank you, Cosmo,” Trish says out loud in response to this backhanded compliment, but what her eyes and posture say, very clearly, is “I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes and yearn so, so strongly for death.”

Beetle Bailey, 2/20/21

Honestly can’t decide if the proper response to this one is “Finally, the media reputation the narcoleptic community has yearned for” or “Beetle Bailey: Asexual Icon.”

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Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 10/23/20

Look, Hootin’ Holler has heard about this so-called “democracy” that the flatlanders participate in and they want to give it a shot, OK? It’s just that the only actual civil officers in town are the sheriff and the judge and they’ve already got a sheriff and a judge, so they’re not sure what else they’re supposed to have elections for, exactly.

Shoe, 10/23/20

Honestly not sure if this is a dumb fat joke or a dumb “ha ha! they’re birds, get it?” joke.

The Lockhorns, 10/23/20

It’s not easy being one of the people trapped in the Lockhorns’ bitter, loveless marriage! Think of all the sarcastic, metaphorical ways Loretta has to come up with to say “My husband is an alcoholic,” for instance.

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Beetle Bailey, 3/1/20

I don’t think anyone was surprised that Sgt. Snorkel got fragged; but certainly nobody expected it to be pulled off so subtly.

Daddy Daze, 3/1/20

Ha ha, it’s funny because infancy is an awful prison, but parenthood is an awful prison that lasts forever!

Hi and Lois, 3/1/20

Are … are Hi and Lois and the kids gonna die?

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