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And now, without further ado, it’s your comment of the week!

“Wilbur’s look of horror is understandable. Since he has never heard of any human being named ‘Zak’, he assumes that now he has been replaced by a brand of vibrator.” –seismic-2

And your hilarious runners up!

“At least Thel will have a Merry Christmas. She finally ran away, leaving a big cartoon-style hole in the wall of the house.” –nescio

“I’ve seen a lot of unrealistic things in this comic strip: misshapen criminals, space aliens, personal-use spaceships, etc. But two teenagers that still go to the mall and still buy CDs may take the cake.” –Where’s Rocky

“The Keane’s house appears to be about four feet wide. For some reason, nothing about this strip has ever depressed me more.” –Pozzo

“The animals paint everything in the neighborhood white because they only have a vague idea what gentrification entails.” –Naked Bunny with a Whip

“Slylock doesn’t even bother to point out to Shady that using a water soluble paint on the outside of his house is a terrible idea. While performing a citizen’s arrest on the shrew, he fails to notice Eddie Elephant dumping the waste from his brush wash bucket into the pond, which can only benefit from a proprietary concoction of dimethylforamide, 2-butoxyethanol and ethylbenzene.” –Hogenmogen

Full communism at the Six Chix studio in 2018. #sixlidarity” –Dan

“This khaki-clad individual is not a third-string paranormal; he’s a member of the cult of Jack Hanna, whose members live zookeeper based lifestyles and often recruit new followers by staging fake animal attacks and then ‘rescuing’ the victims. The fact that the comic letterist misspelled Hanna’s name in his prayer just shows the kind of prejudice these brave worshippers face in today’s secular society.” –samurailizard

“What Wilbur had in Bogota…? Cocaine? Is he talking about cocaine? It would certainly explain the filthy credit card he’s holding up to his face.” –The Mighty Untrained FOOZLE

“In trying to figure out what it means that she studied the report about the 110 football players ‘intently,’ I Googled the word, and it took me to the Merriam-Webster definition of ‘intent,” the first listing being ‘the design or purpose to commit a wrongful or criminal act.’ Grifter Concussion Doctor: this could be the best Gil Thorp story line ever!” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“Wilbur, I’ve got a millennial boyfriend now. He’s looking at apps on his phone as we speak!” –Peanut Gallery

“I like that they spelled it ‘Bogotà, just to assure us that yes, Wilbur is saying that word in a Spanish accent and yes, he is that insufferable guy who comes back from vacation with a whole new set of unbearable foreign affectations. You made an excellent decision, Iris. Stay the course.” –pugfuggly

“I’m so happy that there’s still a lingering possibility that we’ll get to see Mark punch a prairie dog.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“Man, June is missing out on the great sport of messing with people. ‘Yes, they may as well be twins. They were vat-grown from the same DNA and yet one turned out blond and the other has black hair. Nature, nurture, Brazilian Hitler-clone facility, who knows? Oh, heil, I’ve said too much. I meant oh, hell, of course. Not heil. We should go now.’” –Voshkod

Okay guys, we got to get our story straight if anybody asks. Remember, the bear ate the bank loot when he ate the three perps. Now for the big question: what’s 200 grand divided by three?” –Guillermo el chiclero

‘Now, if you folks will pardon me, I’ve got to get back to the station — there’s a lot of paperwork to do!’ Having said this, the sheriff took a moment to survey the faces of the others in the room. All glum, every one. Clearly, his attempt to launch a catchphrase just then had failed.” –Joe Blevins

“‘HULK WILL SMASH‘ is an interesting development. Normally, Hulk is only capable of expressing himself in the simple present tense, but here he is getting all modal future on us. Looking forward to Hulk advancing through preterite (‘HULK SMASHED’), perfect (‘HULK HAD SMASHED’), progressive (‘HULK IS SMASHING’), subjunctive (‘IF HULK WERE TO SMASH’), simple conditional (‘HULK WOULD SMASH’), pluperfect progressive (‘HULK HAD BEEN SMASHING’) and finally the conditional perfect progressive (‘HULK WOULD HAVE BEEN SMASHING’)” –Schroduck

“The real question is: who’s throwing that football? It looks like it’s emerging from Token Black Basketball Guy’s skull like some kind of Dick’s Sporting Goods Athena.” –TheDiva

“Now that there is a second credentialed scientist on the scene, surely Dr. Connors has no more use for a photojournalist who excelled at high school chemistry. So for Peter and MJ, it’s off to the next adventure! Or Pretty Little Liars binge, or whatever!” –A Concerned Reader

“Although morally questionable, I understand that Gil Thorp has to pander to his audience of people who love football and do not care about concussions. I am just saying that there are not enough people reading newspapers today, so promoting an injury which robs the people of their ability to read is self-defeating in the long-term.” –Ettore

“The real story in today’s Mark Trail is not that he is admitting to eating prairie dog, it’s that he has admitted to eating something as wildly exotic as enchiladas.” –grsblvnyk

“You can see where this is going. The causal rip in space-time that allowed the bearded evil Uncle Gary to replace football loving, proud American Uncle Gary will be repaired by Gil using his vast knowledge of alternative quantum theory and his other-worldly intellect. That or maybe they’ll Skype Rick’s dad.” –Mikey

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Hey all! Your COTW in a moment, but first off, a very brief note for those who have backed me on Patreon: if you haven’t already heard, Patreon is changing the way it charges fees to shift them from creators to backers, which means that the amount you’ll be charged for your pledges will be going up. I talk about what it means in more detail here, including options for changing or ending your patronage, and you can also read Patreon’s reasoning.

And with that unpleasantness out of the way, it’s time for your comment of the week!

“Whoever had ‘Hornt-up Henry Mitchell’ in the ‘Weird-Ass Things 2017 Has Brought Us’ pool, congrats, come get your winnings, you shot for the moon and it paid off.” –Dan

And for your runners up! Extremely hilarious

“Oh, I get it! The ‘reindeer’ have revolted, forcing Santa to pull his own sleigh, which means Christmas will be late! And they’re snails, because … it’s slow… [checks notes] No, nevermind, false alarm.” –pugfuggly

An old lady, a middle-aged lady, and bad literary puns — this strip may seem outdated, but it knows how to appeal to the demographic that still remembers what a ‘bookstore’ is.” –BigTed

“Who can forget those beloved Snail Christmas classics ‘Oh Little Shell of Bethlehem,’ ‘Do Your Olfactory Tentacles Sense What My Olfactory Tentacles Sense,’ and ‘O Come O Come, Keep Coming, Any Day Now, We’re Still Waiting, Just Get Here When You Can Emmanuel.’” –TheDiva

“Why, why does the highly-improbable accomplishment always have to involve writing? Just for a change, how about one of these characters fiddles around with some kind of Junior Scientist kit and wins a Nobel in chemistry?” –Poteet

His wrist wizard has saved our lives many times. Sure, we could just use smart phones like every single other police agency in the country, but where’s the excuse to crack skulls for Diet if we did that? Has Tim Cook ever asked us to rough up a suspect? Did Bill Gates ever ask us to plant drugs on a defendant? Where would our fun come from if we just bought our tech from the lowest responsible bidder on a general services agency contract?” –Where’s Rocky?

” –fatherdog, on Twitter

“Consider, if you will, a world in which ‘Clown will soon retire’ is news warranting a front-page screaming-huge-font headline. I see two possible scenarios. Either this is a world in which absolutely nothing of interest ever happens. Or, it is a world of horror, in which the Clowns rule with an iron fist clenched firmly around the red nose of the populace and we are witnessing the Politburo unseating its General Secretary. Though it may not make the news, this story will soon be followed up by Wilhelm’s execution by firing squad (via guns that ‘shoot’ BANG! signs of course).” –Dmsilev

“‘World’s Oldest Clown‘ is probably on no one’s list of life aspirations.” –Pozzo

“You see, it’s windy and… [eyes drift upward]” –Kevin On Earth

“It’s worthwhile studying Jeff’s face in panel one. His wife has just walked in the room, smiling broadly and announcing, ‘Guess what?’ Those words could presage almost anything, but does Jeff allow himself to be optimistic for even a few seconds? He does not. He knows, deep down, that there is a 99% chance Pam’s news will be about her awful, hateful father. In a few seconds, he’ll be required to say something like, ‘Oh, did he? How’d that happen?’ Jeff’s look in panel one is the look of a man who knows he is not even the main character in his own life.” –Joe Blevins

“I’m left wondering how the ‘Moon Governor‘ is elected. How gerrymandered is the Moon? Does one win by focusing electoral efforts on the near side or the far side? Does antenna size matter? How does one do an outside campaign rally without any oxygen?” –Voshkod

“Mr Ermine, I know I’m an alien to your Earthworld, and largely ignorant of your Earth ways and means, but don’t you Earthers need to open your mouth to drink coffee?” –Charles Nelson,Really!

“DAY-DRINKING DIAMOND-DEALER: My, my, my… where did you find those? Just lying around Africa, I suppose?
DIRTY: Don’t ask — don’t tell!
RACCOONTAILBEARD: That has always been my policy!
DIRTY: You literally JUST asked me where I got them.
LEX LUTHOR IN CONFUSING COSPLAY: I did not, I tell you!” –T Campbell

“This crew of old people all live in a convalescent home, although it’s been retconned into assisted living. I suppose they all enjoy a communal bath each morning, with the assistance of nurse’s aides.” –Rusty

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Today’s not just the first day of December, but also the first Friday of December, which means my comedy show at the Clubhouse in Los Feliz, The Internet Read Aloud, is tonight! Please come, you will not regret it, this is my promise to you.

Here’s the FB event! IT’S GOOD STUFF GUYS

Speaking of good stuff, here’s this week’s comment of the week!

Is your mother home? I told her I’d stop by on my way to Music Man rehearsal.” –Pozzo

And here are the exceptionally funny runners up!

“Please let this be the only instance in which the title card ‘Dennis the Menace: 21 and older‘ is ever used.” –pugfuggly

“I like the fact that even when depicting the impossible concept of talking Pilgrim turkeys, Gasoline Alley manages not to stray from traditional gender roles.” –BigTed

“Good to see that even famously neutral Switzerland will happily try to kill Hagar.” –Schroduck

“Moe was the brainiest of the Stooges, and Jeffy knows he’s not up to it.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“*extreme cowboy voice* y’see I came here to, uh, give candy bars to grizzlies and [looks at cue card] fuck shit up. And I’m ALL out of [quick cue card glance] candy bars.” –katakana haru, on Twitter

“The most disturbing thing about this Family Circus is that it’s just Billy and Ma Keane. Are there some double indemnity shenanigans afoot?” –Stop Motion Cyclops

“Somehow, the new title of this strip, MARK TRAIL: VOICE OF REASON, seems to lack a little pizazz.” –Shrug

“Years from now as the nation lies awake at night in terror of the ‘Not-Me’ Killer, Mother Keane will remember this moment.” –Dread

“I kind of love how specific Mark Trail is about where Dirty is taking a walk. ‘Will Dirty decide to take in some Latin stand-up comedy at the Flamingo Theater/Bar? Perhaps he’ll go around the corner and stop in at the Guatemalan consulate! Find out next time on … MIAMI CONSTITUTIONALS.’” –Dagger33

“Just imagine Dagwood’s plump, full lips wrapped sensually around a turkey club on rye. He pouts as a dollop of spicy dijon mustard escapes the corner of his mouth, his tongue darting out to retrieve it. Somebody, somewhere is enjoying today’s Blondie way way too much.” –Escape Zeppelin

Hey, a newspaper box! I lost my eye to a newspaper box. It was a bleak and muggy dawn outside of Lubumbashi, deep in the Congo. Belgian paras had occupied the airfield, and Mutanga had broken out of prison. The city smelled like copper and death, and the sun didn’t even try to push away the gloom, like it was afraid to gaze down on that little corner of hell. The Mai-Mai were cutting off hands, and the Army was on the run. The whole city was poised on the edge of a massacre, we were all holding our breath, afraid of tipping into the abyss. An impotent tank rolled down the Chaussée de Kasenga and starving children threw rocks at it. The air was full of waiting vultures. Then I saw the newspaper box, and there was a sale on mattresses! I put in my 10 francs but opened the door too damn fast. Took the handle right in the eye.” –Voskhod

“You’re a plugger if the main difference between your husband and your pet is which one gets the treats.” –Dan

Tingling Brothers! I used to love their ‘Cavalcade of Neuropathy!’” –Peanut Gallery

“See, this is exactly why Wilbur should have put aside his broken heart and stayed at least a few extra days to get those salsa lessons. He’s going to regret foregoing what would have been his only remaining competitive advantage against Zak.” –GDBenz

“You’re a plugger if you submit a joke about a woman who thinks a young man is staring at her, when he’s actually staring at the TV behind her. However, you’re a slacker if you draw a cartoon based on that premise, and it shows no young man staring at the woman, and the TV is turned off.” –seismic-2

“I’d like to know how Dennis managed to master The Doorknob Principle. His arms just don’t look long enough to have reached the latch. On the other hand, this could be just another indicator of a bygone era, when people left their front doors wide open, all the time.” –Charterstoned

“Men rarely jump through hoops/ For girls who eat soups.” –Ukulele Ike

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