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Non Sequitur, 7/11/04

I used to really like this strip when I was in college. Generally it was what it said on the label: a sort of Far Side-esque collection of weirdness, maybe a little more cynical.

Then Wiley Miller got politicized. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in an exciting, motivating way; instead, it was in a condescending, preachy way. The fact that his politics tend to lean my way just depresses me more — the last thing we need are more scolds.

“Obvious Man” epitomizes everything wrong with the current state of the strip. As an editor, I suppose I should love the current installment of his annoying adventures. But here’s my professional opinion: correcting grammar in professionally printed matter is important. Correcting it in casual conversation is annoying.

I do like the enormous pants on the young dudes, though.