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Apartment 3-G, 8/10/04

Time and harsh experience have more or less cured me of my love for mean girls, but I must admit that Apartment 3-G’s Margo sometimes reminds me why I used to like ’em. No face masks! Lead hazards! Ownership responsibities! You set them straight, sister! I love the look of sexy outrage on her face as she describes these horrors. In the next day’s strip, she goes on a further tirade about historic building tax credits. It’s these kinds of riveting storylines that keep the kids coming back day after day. From the dialog here, it sounds like the ladies’ apartment building has only recently gone co-op; I’m sorry I missed that plotline, as it no doubt involved six thrilling weeks at a real estate lawyer’s office.

Bad-coloring-in-daily-strip alert: Margo seems to have taken time in the middle of her lecture to hastily apply some lipstick between the first and second panel. Also, the professor’s hair seems to have gone completely grey since the last Sunday strip he was in. Perhaps it’s caked with lead dust.