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Rex Morgan, M.D., 8/11/04

Sometimes, when people go through a traumatic experience — like being trapped in a cliffside cave by rising floodwaters, say — they reevaluate their priorities and decide to make major changes in their lives. Often they think about going into an entirely different line of work, one that involves helping others.

You know, like medicine. Hey, earth to June: You already run a medical practice. Maybe she’ll insist on treating people for free. That’ll be fun to watch.

I’d like to point out that Mark and June have smudge marks on their faces, which are the universal comics symbol for having gone through some kind of ordeal. Of course, they didn’t have said smudge marks on their face until after they were rescued, which is a bit puzzling. Maybe they got dragged up the side of that cliff face-first.

Finally, take a look at the odd way that June is drawn in first panel, with her turned down mouth and beady eyes. June Morgan and Grace Jones: separated at birth?