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B.C., 9/22/04

So all week I’ve been trying to understand B.C. I know, “Don’t do it!” you’re shouting. But generally this is not a strip that’s hard to figure out: whether it’s making jokes about golf, slamming on the ACLU, or saying that Jesus has come to put a stop to Hanukkah, it pretty much says what it means.

However, this week’s strips on the presidential race in, um, B.C.-land are fairly obscure. Comprehension is clouded from the get-go because the struggle involves three characters who are virtually identical in appearance and behavior. (They’re named “Peter,” “B.C.,” and “Thor,” and I won’t even begin to go into what all is wrong with that combo.) On the one hand, the sequence of events is oddly specific — Peter has successfully put up his sign, while everyone else’s campaign tactics are backfiring in strange ways. It’s more than just simple “Hah! Politics are stupid!” humor, but it doesn’t seem to correspond to anything else either. And, of course, it’s not even remotely funny. Maybe it’s supposed to be a commentary on the current U.S. presidential elections, but if it is, then it’s based on information coming from some parallel universe.