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Apartment 3-G, 9/23/04

And here I was thinking that the feds still needed to resort to antiquated concepts like “probable cause” or “a warrant” before launching a drug investigation. Apparently, though, all they need nowadays is a tip-off from a notoriously amoral PR flack in order to swoop on in. Hopefully all Pete did was break into poor Jack Landrow’s apartment and rifle through his stuff while he wasn’t there; if the whole thing ended in a Ruby Ridge-style debacle, it would no doubt generate a lot of paperwork, which would take Pete away from valuable pretending-not-to-flirt-with-Margo time. It’s a little-known fact that FBI-CIA cooperation on infiltrating militant Islamic groups has been hindered by the amount of energy intelligence agents spend on dealing with their ex-girlfriends.

Speaking of militant Islamic groups, I think the Taliban would want you to cover up there, Margo. I suppose that if you’re just going to be casually hanging around the apartment pretending to cook, while chatting with your former lover about the illegal abuse of his authority that you convinced him to undertake, then that’s the sort of thing that you’d wear.

Incidentally, while it’s always difficult to gauge the passing of time in the soaps, from the next few strips it appears that Tommie will spend the entire remainder of the evening in the next room listening to this conversation. Um, Tommie, I feel bad for you that the writers never give you anything to do and all, but don’t you have somewhere to be?