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Mary Worth, 9/14/04

Oh, man, just when I think the current Mary Worth storyline can’t get any better, it does! I knew that when Mary sniffed the fumes from Tommy’s tokin’ this weekend that fireworks couldn’t be far behind, but I never imagined that she’d be so bitchy about it. The nice old lady that we perhaps all imagined Mary to be would have just sat Iris down and said, “I’m concerned about your son’s drug use.” Instead, she serves tea, makes an oblique reference to the smoke detector, and then, with that “whatever,” slips the knife right in between the ribs. Zing! Hopefully now that Iris the social climber has been humiliated by Charterstone’s main arbiter of status, she and her ex-con son will slink back to the trailer park where they belong.

The other day I was in the locker room at our pool and overheard a conversation between two 7-to-10-year-olds, one of whom claimed to have spied some other people smoking pot. “It smelled like tomato soup!” he asserted confidently. Apparently Mary has a little more drug experience to draw on.

(By the way, I stole the title of this strip from a recurring feature in Tom the Dancing Bug, which is one of my favorite non-daily comics.)