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For reasons too complex to go into here, faithful reader Sue Trowbridge recently posted on her blog a list of the comics in the Baltimore Sun in 1991. This is in fact my own hometown paper, and the one from which all the strips in IRTCSYDHT are drawn. It’s interesting to see that many of the old favorites are still here, but also interesting that the funny section is so much bigger now. Baltimore, like almost every other city in America, is a one-newspaper town that used to have two newspapers, and the current comics page represents the inheritance of both former papers. So see, whiners like Noam Chomsky are always going on about how media consolidation limits information to the citizenry and puts control in the hands of corporate conglomerates and blah blah BLAH, but they miss the really important thing, which is: better comics pages. So there.

This week’s unsettling search terms, both from Yahoo!: “Paleolithic Age jokes” and “cartoon strips and steroid use”.