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Mark Trail, 10/13/04

I consider myself something of an expert on the subject, and I can say with a certain authority that the assemblage in the first panel of today’s Mark Trail is the funniest thing in that strip in the last two years. It’s funnier than Mark downing an airplane with a petrified cactus; it’s funnier than the golfer throwing away his clubs and fleeing in terror from the crocodile; it’s funnier than the burping cows. The totem-poll look to the whole thing, as Primrose balances on the baddie’s bald head and Otto cuts him off at the knees, is great, as is the stock of the rifle caught in mid-air. I guess that Otto’s cat-loving trumps his mustache-having, and presumably Mark will forgive and forget his past involvement in priceless-artifact-smuggling if he turns stool pigeon.

Back in the beginning of this storyline, it looked as if the meat of the conflict was going to come from Mark’s current and former girlfriends having to share space on the same tiny boat. Tension! Cat fights! Hilarity! But Mark Trail can’t turn away from a good Indian artifact yarn, and so we get cat fights of a somewhat different kind.