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Greetings, readers! If you’ve found your way here, you’ve almost certainly stumbled in from the older, Blogger-hosted version of IRTCSYDHT. Well, I’ve moved to my own domain and server, and all new comics action will be taking place at this site from now on. Please change your bookmarks to the new URL:

I also implore any of you kind people out there who have put links to my site on your own blogs to update those links.

If you’ve subscribed to this site’s RSS Webfeed (the thing you get from the little doodad that looks like this: ), then you need to change that as well. The new address is:

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Josh, what possible benefits could there be to this move that would make the grueling process of changing my bookmarks worthwhile?” Well, that’s just the sort of ungrateful attitude I’ve come to expect from the likes of you. If you must know, Mr. Whiny-Pants, you’ll be enjoying these upgrades:

  • Posting and reading comments should now be a lot easier. Click on the word “Comments” below a post, and a small comments window will pop up. You can read the existing comments and make your own from this window, and close it when you’re done to return to the IRTCSYDHT hilarity. You can also make a comment without having to go through a cumbersome sign-up process.
  • Check out the “Pick a Comic” list in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the name of any comic strip and you’ll immediately get a list of all posts that deal with that strip. So, if you crave Mary Worth-on-meth action, you can jump right into that without having to wade through my bloviations on Hi and Lois.
  • Further down in the same menu, you’ll find the “Search the Archives” function. You can use this to search the entire text of all IRTCSYDHT posts for important words like “ass” or key phrases like “out of her mind on crystal meth.”

I’ve moved all the old posts (except those that were specifically about the mechanics of the Blogger site) from my original blog. Unfortunately, reader comments were lost in the import process, so apologies if you were expecting your words to last for all eternity. All I can say is: Get commenting on the new site, and they’ll stick around for a while, unless you’re selling penis enlargement pills or something.

I’ve tried to test the new site on as many combinations of operating systems and browsers as I could. If you’re having technical trouble, please e-mail me with the details of your system and I’ll see what I can do. Big thanks go to Matt and Dalton for giving me ideas and helping me beta-test the new site.

The move to the new site will probably cut down on my search engine traffic, at least at first, so here’s some final alarming search engine queries from the old site, both on Google: “‘mary worth’ drug dealer” and “METH SLAMMING PERVERT GAY” (the capital letters in the latter are a nice touch). Also, I’ve received a lot of hits in the last couple of weeks from people looking for information on Ralph’s recent firing in Sally Forth. Against all odds, this seems to be something that the world cares about. I’m sure this will comfort Ralph as he sits at home alone, watching soap operas in his underwear and spending his life savings on bourbon.