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Kudzu, 10/27/04

All right, Kudzu, I went out on a limb for you. I said that I sometimes find you funny, something no other right-thinking comics commentator would do. I even said that I particularly like the Church League strips. And this, this is how you repay me?

Here’s the thing: the Church League is funny because no one else in America, to my knowledge, is doing jokes about differing religions, and because it’s funny to imagine the fairly bland Baptists led by Will B. Dunn playing softball against Buddhist monks or whatever. See, when you create a running gag around some structure, you can’t just jettison that structure if you want to make a joke about, say, reality show rejects (who, for the record, DO NOT THEMSELVES CONSTITUTE A RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION).

At least when I see the parakeet, I know in advance that it’s not going to be funny. Try to keep things orderly here.