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Mother Goose and Grimm, 10/26/04

OK, so why does recycling human corpses outrage me, but marrying the taxidermied head of a member of your species who’s been killed for sport make me laugh? I guess I’m just fickle when it comes to dark humor. It’s just wrong at so many levels that I can’t resist it. I particularly like the fact that it’s at the Elk’s Club. Ha! Get it? It’s like the Elk’s Club that exists in the real world, only it’s for, like, actual elks!

Ooog. To quote The Simpsons: “Are you being sarcastic?” “Aw, I don’t even know anymore!”

The other thing that I like here is that Ed is grinning kind of maniacally, while his wife (quite understandably) looks miserable, and the other guys at the club look … uncomfortable. Not the way you’d look if, say, one of your acquaintances presented you with a stuffed and mounted severed head and demanded that you treat it as his wife, but rather as if Ed has committed some social faux pas that they don’t really want to call him on but that they aren’t really happy about either. It must be tough being an elk.