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Apartment 3-G, 10/22/04

Well, as predicted by me and her mother, Margo’s lucrative new job hasn’t turned out the way she’d hoped. I haven’t been commenting on Apartment 3-G here lately because, when compared to the meth-happy wackiness in Mary Worth, it’s been pretty by-the-numbers. Margo falls afoul of her evil employer, tries to bluff her way out, led to the car at gunpoint, blah blah blah. Boooorrrring — that is, until we get to today’s baffling fight over the special pillow!

OK, a shiny virtual quarter goes to anyone who can explain to me what in God’s name is going on here. Who is the other not-Lloyd chauffer? Why does Lloyd keep a pillow in the trunk of Mr. Eldon’s death sedan? Why does Lloyd offer Margo a pillow, then insist that it’s his, then appear to take it out of the hands of the not-Lloyd chauffer — even though he’s the who’s holding it in the previous panel? The only way the last panel makes even a vague sort of sense is if the position of the two blue-clad henchmen were reversed — but even then Margo’s position would be inconsistent with the previous panels. This is one mystery that even Photoshop can’t solve.

Margo earns kudos for nimbleness in the first panel: she’s wearing a micro-miniskirt and her hands are tied up behind her back, but she’s still climbing into that trunk like a pro.