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Mark Trail, 10/23/04

I’m very much looking forward to seeing this whole bunch on a future episode of Ricki Lake entitled “Bitch, I’m-a steal your man!” At last, the artifact-wrangling is taken care of and now the cat-fighting can begin. Cherry may have a porn star’s name, but she clearly has a thing or two to learn about keeping a man satisfied. When your boyfriend has just snagged an evil artifact-smuggler with nothing more than an ordinary fishing line (an act so at odds with the known laws of physics that it wasn’t even depicted in the strip) you don’t just tell him he “did good”; you slobber all over him and ask him to tell you some fascinating facts about migratory birds, if you know what I mean (and I think you do). At least Cherry and Kelly are on a level playing field in terms of attire: they’re both wearing matching pink polo shirts, presumably because they know they make Mark hot.

Meanwhile, I’m beginning to suspect that Mark’s fishing buddy “Bill” is actually Slate magazine founder Michael Kinsley.