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Apartment 3-G, 11/13/04

Now we know the shocking truth behind Apartment 3-G’s current white slavery storyline: Margo’s evil supervillain client “Mr. Eldon” is really none other than … Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter!

No, really:

I’ve totally lost track of where Eldon/Specter is supposed to be right now. Did he get that picture from her purse? Does Margo carry around a framed, captioned photo of her and her ex-boyfriend in her purse? Because that would be pretty weird.

Incidentally, our evil slave master must be too busy managing his ever-growing army of hapless drones to understand the nature of carnal love, because otherwise he’d know that Pete could be her boyfriend and her handler. I do like the fact that he casually uses the nickname “FBI Pete” in his thought balloons, just like everyone else in the strip.