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Curtis, 11/14/04

Often, it’s not the punchline of a comic strip that makes me laugh the most. In today’s Curtis, the funniest thing was in the first panel of the second row: the evil Dr. Horsehead hides out in a “Co-op of Iron.” Curtis is an urban strip in the literal meaning of that word, and this just screams out “New York” to me in a pleasing and funny way. Were Dr. Horsehead’s parents renting back in the 1960s, and lucky enough to get in on the ground floor when the building went co-op? Do his neighbors complain to the Co-op Board about the constant gunplay, whinnying, and evil cackling? Is there a doorman? A view? And where do the other evil geniuses hang out? In the Condo of Despair? The Penthouse of Terror? The Walk-Up of the Damned?

I also like the pink welcome mat outside Dr. Horsehead’s door. Jeez, Supercaptaincoolman, all you had to do was knock.