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Cathy, 11/22/04

When Cathy of Cathy accepted Irving’s marriage proposal, all of us regular comics readers knew that we’d be seeing big changes ahead in the strip. Clearly the artist felt that the strip’s original concept had run its course, and wanted to move into entirely new directions, to grow creatively, to mine new comedic territory. This week’s strip is a sign of the next wave of Cathy, as the strip has finally, at long last, got to a point where it can get a week’s worth of mileage out of mother-in-law jokes.

Yeah, that’s right. Mother-in-law jokes. The thrills just keep coming! Where else are you going to get mother-in-law jokes? I mean, other than in Hagar the Horrible, Herb and Jamaal, the Lockhorns, the Middletons, and Momma? But don’t be afraid, Cathy! Blaze new trails! Excelsior!