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I know it’s been a while, but I do have some winners in my Pick A More Appropriate Poem For This Herb and Jamaal Comic contest. First off, the multitalented Dalton provides a lovely bit of blank verse that he composed itself. It makes significantly more sense now:

I also have to give Jim Treacher credit (or, as they say in Herb and Jamaal, “props”) for creating a version that makes even less sense than the original, but is still funnier:

I’m just little weirded out that they both used the same font.

It’s been a while since I’ve done Unnerving Search Term watch, so here’s a big batch: “Hagar the Horrible insurance,” “couldn’t think of anything funny zing,” “asians in doonesbury comics of 1988,” “george soros james bond supervillain,” “what is a passive aggressor,” “skewered tits google search,” “comic strip beetle bailey stupid jerk” (that’s telling ’em!), “12 gauge mp3 and donkey butt,” “crystal meth poem” (“I think that I shall never see/A poem as lovely as a big brown paper bag full of sweet, sweet meth”), “self reliance sue for alimony gaining freedom” (um, I hope you found another, more helpful site), “rex morgan nude,” “comic strip yogurt priceless,” and “jack elrod shouting.” Also, some linkbacks go to salieri, Bill Peschel, My Brilliant Mistakes, winneroftheSAT, the archenemy blog, and Cyber Chocolate. And finally, apologies to the poor soul who somehow came here from, and who was no doubt very, very disappointed.

Oh, also! Very important! Because I’ve been so slack in posting, I almost didn’t have a chance to point you to the Baltimore Sun’s new comic ballot! Go to and vote for five comics that you might want to see in the Sun (and, by extension, in IRTCSYDHT). I don’t have any guidance for you this time, except that I like Get Fuzzy. But you should clearly pick whatever you want to see mocked. Today (Tuesday, November 16) is the last day for voting, so hurry!