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A lot of blogs and Websites with substantial readerships have linked to me lately, which has translated into me getting a serious increase in traffic. Now, I consider my actual traffic numbers to be a trade secret, but I can tell you that the number of regular IRTCSYDHT readers has gone from dozens to literally hundreds per day. This is great for stroking my ego, but, if things keep going at their current pace, I may have to pay more to my Web host because of the additional bandwidth.

To defray these possible costs, I’ve added some Google and Amazon ads to the site (they’re in the left-hand navbar; scroll down a bit to see them). I hope the ads are visible but not too obtrusive, and I promise to do no more pimping for them in the blog itself after this.

And now some linkbacks to the aforementioned linkers: J-Walk Blog, Howling Curmudgeons, Hubris, Tom McMahon, disjoint thoughts, The Grand Staircase, Renaissance Man, MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP, Partisan Shots, and

And finally, big thanks to Dan at, who has developed a nifty parser that will allow you to view IRTCSYDHT (and other, lesser, comics sites) on a Danger hiptop or other similarly screen-constrainted gadgets. The parser cuts out the stylesheets, rotates the images, and suppresses pop-ups. I’m honored that Dan chose my blog as one of the demonstration sites for his work. Check it out!