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Herb and Jamaal, 2/12/05

Ever since last year’s terrible comics cull, I’ve found my job (and I’m using the word “job” loosely here) of reading the comics so you don’t have to a little tougher. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that, though the best of the serials went into my Houston Chronicle custom comics page right away, my art (and I’m using the word “art” loosely here) suffers from the absence of even those crappy comics that I didn’t think I’d miss. So now they’re all back in the rotation, including such longtime non-faves as Dennis the Menace, Marmaduke, Ziggy, and, of course Herb and Jamaal.

So here it is: did ya miss it? Maybe it’s just because I saw Bad Education last night, but all I have to say about this comic is that you’d think we’d be a little less cavalier these days about depicting priests praying to be “filled with … worthwhile stuff.” Aaaah, hatin’ on poor old Herb and Jamaal: it’s good to be back.