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Apartment 3-G, 3/3/05

Mim’s baby’s-daddy’s name is Chuck
And he’s a guy who likes to … have sex without using birth control, apparently.

OK, so that was the future Mrs. Curmudgeon’s joke. I don’t have anything specific to add about this strip, but this is as good an opportunity as any to discuss an interesting dream I had last night: I was with sports columnist King Kaufman, and we were going over to the apartment that Britney Spears shares with Tommie from Apartment 3-G. King and Britney wandered off somewhere to talk, and Tommie and I stood next to an enormous free-standing bookcase in the middle of their living room that was filled with old encyclopedias. “Are these all yours,” I asked her, in all seriousness, “or is the library out of room and using your apartment for storage?” She just laughed.

Any amateur analysts out there who can explain to me what this means? Longtime readers will remember that this isn’t the first time that I’ve had a comics-themed dream.