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Mary Worth, 4/6/05

As one of the New Kids on the Block once so memorably put it: I love love, and I hate hate. But seeing days and days of Brian and Anna mewling and agreeing and assuring each other of their eternal, unconditional love, sitting there in their matching electric blue pants on their hideous turquoise couch — well, it’s enough to begin to make a guy hate love, and, conversely, love hate. If Anna’s unexpected (and I shudder to even type these words) “honeymoon baby” proved that any problem will go away if ignore it long enough, then Dr. Brian’s loving, nurturing, caring response to Anna apparently proves that difficult news is always best shared after it suddenly and magically becomes no longer a problem. All I know is that if this conversation doesn’t make Anna want to hurl, she’s in for a fairly easy pregnancy.